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  1. Champ_17

    Apistogramma sp.Tefe

  2. Champ_17

    My nice pair of Apistograma Elizabethae

    Thank you Mike just take some more photo. The fish growing and nicer everyday. I think i love wild type color than tank bred that show red belly.
  3. Champ_17

    Apistogramma sp.Tefe Mutum

    This is my normal sp.Tefe wild, the zig zag line is not sharp and thick as Tefe mutum and this is look yelow.
  4. Champ_17

    Apistogramma sp.Tefe Mutum

    I just bought apistogramma sp.Tefe Mutum from Hongkong. the Seller said he bought from Aquafuana Japan. The fish are really nice and became my most favourite apistogramma sp. Tefe. The fish is look purple tone and the Zig-Zag line is very sharp and thick compare to my apistogramma sp.Tefe i,ve...
  5. Champ_17

    Question about difference between Apistogramma sp.Breitbinden and Apistogramma Megaptera

    Thank you Mike, recently i notice that there is Apistogramma sp.Breitbinden was sell in the name Megaptera and some has red Operculum which sell in higher price.
  6. Champ_17

    Question about difference between Apistogramma sp.Breitbinden and Apistogramma Megaptera

    Thank you,Mike, Are 2 species live in the same place? Is it possible to found hybrid in the nature?
  7. Champ_17

    Question about difference between Apistogramma sp.Breitbinden and Apistogramma Megaptera

    Again, that i confuse about 2 species although I used to keep both 2 year ago. but last week, suppler who import wild pleco said that he got 4 male unknow apistogramma 4 pcs, So i went to the farm and got these 2 male. One is look like sp.Breitbinden or Piaroa and another is look like...
  8. Champ_17

    My Apistogramma Agassizii Redback

    yes Mike, I got female from the shop that the seller told me it's sp.Tefe female but from wht i've seen in offspring. The female may not sp.Tefe like you said.
  9. Champ_17

    Agassizii Madeira

    This is F1. Their parent is wild ---> http://aqua.c1ub.net/forum/index.php?topic=285501.0
  10. Champ_17

    Apistogramma Agassizii from Rio Careiro F1

    Thank you for your infomation Mike Wise. I don't really know the locality caught of their parent but the supplier told they are from Rio Careiro. Could you have some photo of wild Agassizii Careiro and wild A. cf. agassizii BBCS (Broad Black Caudal Seam) for comparison. I need to see because...
  11. Champ_17

    My favorite apistogramma

  12. Champ_17

    My Agassizii red back

    yes. Mike I think they should be cross between Netz and Tefe too. The F1 of this strain come in the trade name Tefe. but i think it look like Agassizii santarem red back.
  13. Champ_17

    My Agassizii red back

  14. Champ_17

    Apistogramma sp.Tefe Red belly 4 month old

    it's been a long time since i post the parent of My Agassizi red belly. Today i found their off spring has even more redder.
  15. Apistogramma sp.Tefe redback

    Apistogramma sp.Tefe redback

  16. Apistogramma sp.Tefe red back

    Apistogramma sp.Tefe red back

    selective breeding apistogramma sp.Tefe
  17. Champ_17

    My Apistograma sp.Tefe Redback

    around 1 inch but sadly there're remain only 10 pcs from fungus disease. : (
  18. Champ_17

    My apistogramma sp.Tefe red back