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  1. JIM

    Got my shellies!

  2. JIM

    Hi Everybody

    Welcome Aboard Greg !
  3. JIM

    apisto availability

    Whats a few dollars to a dedicated hobbyist ?
  4. JIM

    apisto availability

    And, they will most likely not last til the weekend. sadly.
  5. JIM

    Hello Folks

    I dont remember if i ever made an intro or not, that happens when you get old :tongue: so, this is it. Ive been keeping fish of all kinds for over 20 years, most recently, North American Natives, however, Ive decided that since i never concentrated on dwarf cichlids, it was high time to set up...
  6. JIM

    2011 F1 fancy plecos from apistomaster

    Sweeet Those are great lookin fish, wish i had them and you had a feather in your nose, we would both be tickled :biggrin:
  7. JIM

    German Blue Rams & Kribs

    Kribs Ive always found kribs to be pretty laid, back:cool:
  8. JIM

    mamore spawn pics.

    Links Those links dont work for me for some reason :mad:
  9. JIM

    Harlequin spwanes !!

    Sweet cant wait to see pics :wink:
  10. JIM

    My Rams and Hongsloi

    Your links Those links take you to some IP lookup site :tongue:
  11. JIM

    Las vegas

    ???? how would you get them home :confused:
  12. JIM

    Keeping different variations of Cacatuoides together

    I agree +2 Fish today, because of many, many times being bred and cross bred, have so much of a gene pool that you may get any kind of offspring. If you want fish that breed true, you will need to start with wild caught fish, and even then you may get a little variance.
  13. JIM

    Another Peat Filtration Question

    Also You might also remember that most fish purchased from an LFS, are not wild caught fish, and most likely were not bred or raised in what their wild cousins consider acceptable. Fish including Discus, "will" live and breed, very happily in water that is not dipped from the Amazon. I have...
  14. JIM

    my apistogramma

    great Those are really nice, love the colors, thanks for sharing those with us :)
  15. JIM

    Any active Mods??

    Maybe You need a good experienced Global Mod with a lot of free time on his hands :wink:
  16. JIM

    A little about me and my hobby

    My name is Jim, i live in Mid-West Indiana, Retired, spend wayyyyy too much time on forums, including my own, and enjoy fishing, collecting North American Native Fishes, and just generally enjoying the fishkeeping hobby. Ive been keeping fish of about every species including saltwater reef...
  17. JIM

    Hello, i read your rules and it made no mention of being against the law to put a link to my...

    Hello, i read your rules and it made no mention of being against the law to put a link to my forum in my sig, if its a problem simply delete it, I would also be glad to put a banner link on my forum to here, if you will allow that. :) Its not a big busy forum but hopefully it will grow. :)...
  18. JIM

    Greetings :)

    This is a great looking forum, Its pretty slow on my forum now so i hope you dont mind if i visit here, maybe help out where i can. Nice to have a place to talk fish.