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Search results

  1. Fayej

    ivanacara bimaculata

    Congratulations! Will you be selling any of your babies?
  2. Fayej

    ivanacara bimaculata

    Maybe add some salt to the water? That was an old school remedy for some wounds you weren't sure of...
  3. Fayej

    Presentation from France

  4. Fayej

    ivanacara bimaculata

    Let her select...jmo
  5. Fayej

    ivanacara bimaculata

    Where are you purchasing your fish? I am looking for this same fish...
  6. Fayej

    N. America FS: F1 sp. abacaxis, F1 I. adoketa "Rio Icana"

    Interested in your ivanacara if available?
  7. Fayej

    Selling F1 Ivanacara adoketa USA

    Have you had anymore ivanacara to sell?
  8. Fayej

    I'm looking for some, you have any left?

    I'm looking for some, you have any left?
  9. Fayej

    Ivanacara adoketa information

    Late to this post, but anyone selling juvenile I. Adoketa, or I. Bimaculata? I'm in USA, Georgia, have juvenile Keyhole cichlids if anyone interested!
  10. Fayej

    Ivanacara adoketa tankmates

    thanks for info - food for thought....
  11. Fayej


    Thank you!!!
  12. Fayej

    Ivanacara adoketa tankmates

    Where are you located, I've been looking for this fish, you must live in Europe....
  13. Fayej


    Hi from Detroit, MI