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  1. faile486

    Apistogramma Borellii Breeding Ph

    It's a fairly heavily planted tank, will that make a difference? There's java moss, floating hornwort, guppy grass, dwarf lettuce, red-rooted floaters, java fern, anubias, water sprite, amazon sword. Probably some stuff I'm forgetting! If not, maybe a divider that the danios can't swim...
  2. faile486

    Apistogramma Borellii Breeding Ph

    I've gotten some conflicting info on this, so figured I'd ask on a forum dedicated to Apistogramma! I currently have a 10g quarantine tank with 3 Apistogramma borellii, two female and one male. I got them from a local breeder. All fish are currently in dechlorinated tap water. My tap water...