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  1. Cookie Monster

    WTB Ivanacara Adoketa

    i found this post on http://www.monsterfishkeepers.com/forums/threads/ivanacara-adoketa-pair.488151/ maybe a little old, but if you could run this guy down someway, it might be worth your time.
  2. Cookie Monster

    Apistogramma in Brazil

    It would most likely be mostly cost prohibitive to get wild stock on a small scale. I would think your best bet might be looking for wild caught fish via Aquabid. http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?fwapisto
  3. Cookie Monster

    apisto availability

    I have really never understood the madness behind dealers that seem to never stock fish that would obviously increase their sales. But a shop owner friend of mine says that the bread and butter fishes are what puts meat on his table and he generally gets stuck with the more desireable species...
  4. Cookie Monster

    Female sp. Steel Blue & fry

    Im really not offended by hybrids that look like that. There are many hybrids in nature.. Its the ones like the Bloody Red Parrot that burn me up. Especially when the real Parrot cichlid looks like this Im giving thumbs up to that fish, thanks for sharing that pic. ;)
  5. Cookie Monster

    72 litres Mikrogeophagus ramirezi WF

    Amazing Tank, thanks for sharing it with us. :)
  6. Cookie Monster

    1500 litres South America

    I love everything about your tank, very realistic looking, and your fishes are awesome. Thanks for sharing that.
  7. Cookie Monster

    Agassizii Madeira

    Awesome !
  8. Cookie Monster

    My Apistogramma Agassizii Redback

    fantastic fish, great job :)
  9. Cookie Monster

    Hello To The Group

    You are right i think. People need to slow down and smell the roses. Old sites like this are the backbone of our hobby, and need to be continued and maintained. Heck, you have made me decide to build a new site myself. If its slow it will just be slow, and i cant find one that is active...
  10. Cookie Monster

    Hello To The Group

    Ive dabbled in North American Natives in the past. I may set up a new planted tank in the Spring with some smaller native species such as your Avatar. :) I also enjoy the Bluespotted Sunfish.
  11. Cookie Monster

    How to delete conversations

    If you mean PM, you can only check the leave conversation button, no way to delete them. Its a lacking in the software. I suppose if your Admin were really froggy, he or she could go into the server files and locate the PM'S and physically delete them, but thats a lot of digging.
  12. Cookie Monster

    Forum Rules

  13. Cookie Monster

    Hello To The Group

    Been in this hobby quite a long time, and have kept about everything at one time or the other. I currently have no tanks running, and have shut down my own forum due to lack of interest and participation. I thing honestly that Facebook and other such social media has about ruined a lot of the...