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  1. a.d.wood

    Newly described Apisto's from Colombia

    Notification of the 2 new papers seems to be missing from here so here you go: Lina M. Mesa Salazar & Carlos A. Lasso. (2011). Apistogramma megaptera (Perciformes: Cichlidae), una nueva especie para la cuenca del Orinoco. Biota Colombiana 12(1): 19-29. Abstract We describe a new species...
  2. a.d.wood

    ID needed, again

    Sure it was a Colombian shipment?? Inka (A. baenschi) normally comes out of Peru. Double caudal spot on your female would suggest Apistogramma sp. Papagei, again another Peruvian species. Andrew
  3. a.d.wood

    Biotodoma Cupido pre spawing???

    I can only think of 1 spawning report for Cupids in captivity (in Holland I think) but would probably struggle to track it down again. I would leave well alone as the group sounds fairly settled and keep fingers crossed! Andrew
  4. a.d.wood

    What is my apisto?

    While the statement for red colour is true for the domestic strains it's certainly not the case with the wild forms, pictured below is a wild pair of cac's from the Picuruyacu region The serrations along the dorsal fin of your fish look to extend for a fair length of the fin which would fit...
  5. a.d.wood

    exLamprologus ornatipinnis

    Afternoon Rod, Given the variation in coloration and marking you get in many of the Tang Cichlids (just look at Tropheus for starters) it wouldn't suprise me to find this level of variation exists in the other cichlid inhabitants. I collected my ornatipinnis in September 2011 as sexable fish...
  6. a.d.wood

    exLamprologus ornatipinnis

    That's what I have found, this pair will produce fry every 3 or 4 weeks and in the week that leads up to the new batch of fry emerging the parents will 'remove' the current batch of fry. Easiest I have found was rather than trying to catch all of the fry, spook the adults, they dive into their...
  7. a.d.wood

    ID apisto Inka 50??

    Inka50 = Apistogramma baenschi Males will have a red band around the outer edge of the caudal fin and extensions olong the front half of the dorsal fin, females don't show these features but have very distinctive dark markings on the rear half of the body (vertical bars). Based on that...
  8. a.d.wood

    London Fish Stores

    All depends on what options you have for travelling and if you have to rely on public transport... As Ste mentions you have Wholesale Tropicals in Bethnal Green. Moving to the north of London you have Wildwoods in Enfield (Crews Hill at least 4 aquatic shops in this little area filled with...
  9. a.d.wood

    exLamprologus ornatipinnis

    As a Lake Tanganyika shell dweller I think these qualify as dwarf!!! Male showing off! And a side shot of the male (ornatipinnis translates as ornate fins, a good name!) The female has the yellow forehead as well but is generally a bit darker And some of the youngsters...
  10. a.d.wood

    A. diplotaenia "Barcelos"

    It is. A. diplotaenia sits within its own grouping (on your link, it's 4th block from the bottom). Andrew
  11. a.d.wood

    Please Report Bugs Here

    Same here, thanks to bussardnr for the pointer on the different url. Andrew
  12. a.d.wood

    Please Report Bugs Here

    Sorry Ted, login still playing up. Much simpler now though, with every visit to the forum I just have to click on the 'forum' link underneath the logo, that refreshes the screen and I then have access to the UCP. Andrew
  13. a.d.wood

    Please Report Bugs Here

    Slightly different, I get the following error messages at the top of the page when clicking the general settings tab in the UCP: Andrew
  14. a.d.wood

    Problems with logging in to the new site

    I've found this as well but..... When you visit the forum during any session and you are faced with the main forum page suggesting you are not logged in, click on the 'forum' hyperlink button underneath the site logo, effectively refreshes the page but at the same time also changes the page...
  15. a.d.wood

    Problems with logging in to the new site

    Thanks Ted, it's also doing the same on a desktop running Win7 and IE8. Not to worry too much for now, with the workaround at least I can still access the forum!! Andrew
  16. a.d.wood

    Problems with logging in to the new site

    Strange one this.... I have to login every time I visit the site as the 'remeber me' doesn't seem to do that. More worrying though, when I log in with my username and password I get the welcome screen and then thrown back out to the main forum page as if I haven't logged in (no UCP at the...
  17. a.d.wood

    Pencilfish ID..?

    Not a group of fish I'm that familiar with but... What features stop an ID of Nannostomus bifasciatus for these fish? Andrew
  18. a.d.wood

    WTB: Book, Cichlid Fishes of Western Africa

    You can do much better than Amazon; http://www.stevensimpsonbooks.com/?page=shop/flypage&product_id=3655&keyword=lamboj&searchby=author&offset=0&fs=1&CLSN_1065=129440927210650df90d28f002418dd7 Even including shipping cost from the UK it will be way under half the price that Amazon would...
  19. a.d.wood

    A. barlowi -differences between two variants-

    That is certainly what I have seen as evidenced in the photo's below: Apistogramma barlowi 'Rojo / Yahuasyacu' Andrew
  20. a.d.wood

    Nannostomus auratus - real name?

    If I've got it right then it is a junior synonym of Nannostomus eques. The reason you can't find anything listing Nannostomus auratus is that the junior synonym is against Poecilobrycon auratus. Andrew