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    Apistogramma identification

    My first thought was mcmasteri, too.
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    nijesseni spawned - now what

    I've had my best results with nijsseni hatching at pH 4.5 so if you aren't getting down to below pH 5, I wouldn't go nuts rearranging the tank for the fry which may never come.
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    My first spawn! What next?

    If you cannot hatch any baby brine, do you have a large clump of Java Moss or algae balls, etc., these will be teaming with microscopic organisms that the fry can eat for the first day or two. You can buy brine shrimp eggs from numerous online sources. As mentioned above, the are easy to hatch...
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    I have eggs! a. cacatuoides, first spawn

    Congratulations Lexi. BBS will be the best bet for raising your fry. There are numerous videos on raising them on YouTube and in forums. It is not hard. The best thing is that any excess can be frozen and used as the fry get a little bigger. I actually hatch additional batches just for...
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    Is Fry Death Normal?

    You may also want to add a lot of leaf litter to the tank as hiding places, probably more attractive than pvc pieces too.
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    Female, or sleeper male?

    Looks like a female to me. The whole deportment of the fish seems to be female. We will see, won't we.
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    Transporting a new aquarium

    Ask a friend with a pick up truck or SUV to help you.
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    Tank Footprint

    Ted's right on the mark with the set up but I would also add about a dozen white clouds to the tank. They will act as dither/target fish and not eat any fry that are produced by the Pv. With enough plant life, some eggs will survive hatch out and replenish your supply of WC's. also, the eggs...
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    WTB: Book, Cichlid Fishes of Western Africa

    You may want to try Lee Finley at www.finleyaquaticbooks.com Lee normally has a wide range of books available. I purchase most of my aquatic literature from him and have been extremely satisfied. Alan