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    How do you use RO water for apistogramma

    How do you prepare your RO water for Apistogramma. Do you reminerslize it or use it straight. Thanks for your time. Just want to get other peoples ways. Lonny Langione Dover,Pa
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    Buying Tucano Tetra

    The Wet Spot in Oregon has them Great shippers. I’m in PA and we regularly get from them overnight from Oregon. Shipping is like 40.00 over night. Great source for apisto And hundreds of other fish. Quality all around
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    Buying Seriously looking for Apistogramma kuhllanderi

    I am in Pennsylvania in the US Thank you Lonny langione
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    Help with ID please

    Thank you. The pics are the same fish. I really thank you for your answer. Lonny
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    Help with ID please

    Bought these as diplotaenia when young but obviously they are not any help would be appreciated