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    Pyrrhulina obermuelleri

    I don't think I've ever seen these before. Interesting characin!
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    5 foot biotopish!

    Looks great!
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    Help ID A.sp.Abacaxis: A227 or A228?

    Hi Mike, I recently got a group of A. sp. Abacaxis from a local friend of mine. The males have blue caudal fins with the caudal patterning through the entire caudal fin and where the lateral band extends deeply into the caudal fin. From these observations, we deduced that the males are most...
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    apistogramma ID

    It could also be a hybrid. I've never seen that yellow splotching nor the irregular black splotching.
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    N. America Apistogramma retailer in the USA! In2Deep Aquatics!

    Hi, My name is Shane. I run a small business called In2Deep Aquatics. We get all sorts of brand new, super rare Apistogramma species into the USA. Just recently, we imported a few new d-numbers from Colombia, including A. sp. D6, A. sp. D37, A. sp. D39, and A. veijita (the real one!). We also...
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    Keeping a single Apistogramma borellii male

    I would not think so. How large is the tank, and are there any dithers in the tank? I don't think fish show emotions such as lonliness... but they may be more shy with less activity in the upper levels of the aquarium.
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    Hello Chris, contact [email protected] and he can get you a quote. Shane
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    N. America I am an Apisto Seller in the US! In2Deep Aquatics!

    Hello, My name is Shane Puthuparambil. I own and run a small business specializing in selling both wild collected and bred Apistogramma here in the USA. I have a few links I wanted to share for those who are looking for Apistos at both a reasonable price and of high quality. Our website...
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    Mike Wise's amazing 2017-revised list of more than 400 species / forms of Apistogramma

    What is known about species "WOW" or Apistogramma sp. Ouaou? Are they any photographs out there? Shane
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    The different shades of Apistogramma allpahuayo

    Where did you receive loretoensis from? I thought they were Peruvian. My exporter has a bunch at the moment. Weird how I have two accounts lol.
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    Lol....I think I have two accounts. More pics: (aggressive mood)
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    Bart,you are a genius....thanks for the info
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    A. sp. D50 - another larvophilous mouthbrooder from Colombia

    Thanks! I have seen the map, it's very cool!
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    A. sp. D50 - another larvophilous mouthbrooder from Colombia

    Where are Barlowi, Megastoma and D50 collected? I know that the Peruvians can get Barlowi and Megastoma from Leticia, so do they live near to that area?
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    Importing fish... I need some tips!!

    New Apistogramma Hongsloi. His tank will be made over to resemble a Venezuelan biotope.