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    Buying ISO male apistogramma Elizabithae "Sao Gabriel"

    Hello all! I had a beautiful pair of apistogramma Elizabithae collected from "Sao Gabriel". I came home from work today and found that the male had managed to find the one spot that was left uncovered to jump from the tank and floor surf. Hoping to find an adult or sub-adult male, juvies or...
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    Krobia Xinguensis

    Had to follow up on this post and say that I received a total of 11 juvie krobia xinguensis! I think that number is a little high long term so I'll slowly be selling off about half of the group, and try to whittle it down to a ratio of 2 males to 4 females. I've read that they are typically...
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    Buying ISO Apistogramma Abacaxis females, pairs or trios (Greensboro NC, USA)

    Hello all! I'm seeking apistogramma abacaxis females ideally 2 or 3, or a group of 6 unsexed fry/juveniles. If available I'm also open to pairs or trios. I currently have one lone male abacaxis who's female did not make it out of quarantine unfortunately.
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    Krobia Xinguensis

    Thanks for the info! The two I had actually did turn out to be a pair and spawned just a few weeks after I acquired them and I got a very generous offer from a local club member for an additional 8 fish that I'll be getting after the holidays. I'm considering creating a biotope for them in...
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    Krobia Xinguensis

    I know that this is a rather old thread but I just acquired a suspected pair of krobia xinguensis and I'm curious how they've been long term? I'm hoping to bred them as I find them fascinating and beautiful! Looking for tips on sexing if there are any. Everything I found online said that sexing...