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    A. sp. "Abacaxis" parasites?

    I like Praziquantel and Metronidazole ("General Cure" in USA). The first is a fluke killer and a killer of some worms. The second is a Hexamita killer. Neither will hurt the fish.
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    Identification of A. Agassizii

    practically positive it is MacMasteri, if your store's supplier got it from an Asian tranship, they almost always call MacMasteri Agassizi
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    now i'm confused on what i have and what sex they

    the fish in picture 8 with the bright black chest fins is a female, actually bright black chest fin female is true of many Apistos
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    Need Help Sexing Wild Cacatuoides

    female Cacs (and most female Apistos) have bright BLACK chest fins... males can have some color in the chest fins, but it's usually translucent grey or blue
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    Pleas help me ID

    I agree Aggs are common, the other 2 are not... looks very much like a happy F Agg to me, well fed too
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    Species and Sex

    those are in the MacMasteri complex ... no idea the real species name
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    Species and Sex

    Shop at Uncle Ned's in Millis Mass. We sell female Apistos
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    Sexing German Blue

    germsn blue rams all have a dark patch in the middle of the body, FEMALES have a shiny blue spot in the middle of the dark patch
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    Are my German Blue Rams A Pair

    rams all have a black wide mark in the middle of the body ... with females there is usually shiny blue inside that middle black mark ... mature males are easy to tell because of the large fin extensions
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    Apistogramma cacatuoides: do I have a pair? or two males?

    females of many apistogramma species have black chest fins