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  1. apistobob

    Apistogrammoides Pucallpaensis

    This is just a bit of the information I've included in my article about A. pucallpaensis "I’ve found these beautiful fish to be a fairly difficult species to keep in the aquarium. They can be very aggressive, pair bonding can be difficult, many females are poor brooders, and the fry are smaller...
  2. apistobob

    Best Cave/Hut for Apistogramma?

    Here is part of what I have written about caves in my article on breeding apostogrammas "The thing about caves is they often matter more to the fishkeeper than they do to the fish. Apistos will accept almost any type of cave and it doesn’t matter what it’s made of. Coconut shells, Terra cotta...
  3. apistobob

    Fish Collecting Questions

    This is dated and a lot of the links are no longer functional but there is a lot of info here https://dwarfcichlid.com/archive-collecting-dwarf-cichlids/
  4. apistobob

    Is 48inchx16inch large enough for two groups of ortegai?

    A tank this size can easily be aquascaped to create multiple (3--6) fully enclosed open areas that can't be seen from another area. This would allow two males to each find a territory. The females will choose a male or not and might have more interactions than the males. As long as you...
  5. apistobob

    A. panduro breeding question

    Each fish has its own personality so blanket statements are always unreliable because your fish may act differently. That said, in my experience panduro males will often assist in care and rarely tuen on the female or fry.
  6. apistobob

    Eggs Scattered Outside Cave

    I've seen this a couple of times when the eggs are infertile and for some reason the female doesn't eat them. I've seen them be totally ignored as they turn to fungus. I've only seen this a couple of times out of hundreds of spawns. I don't believe I've ever seen it repeated.
  7. apistobob

    Keeping female Borellii together?

    You should have no problem. They will fight some but rarely will it become problematic. Having a half dozen should allow for any aggression to be spread among the group. However, always remember that each fish has an individual personality and there are exceptions to every Apisto keeping rule.
  8. apistobob

    Mycobacterium (TB) and apistogramma

    I was fortunate to have a professional connection with the fish health center near me and they did the examination which was only observational. They didn't make any effort to identify specific pathogen. they just told me it was Mycobacterium. Yes, at that time the disease worked its way...
  9. apistobob

    Mycobacterium (TB) and apistogramma

    I've had trouble with this several times over the years and have never been able to figure out a treatment that works. Once I lost nearly 1,000 Apistos across 15 species that were ready to ship. I had not added anything into the fish room for months so I don't know what triggered it. It moved...
  10. apistobob

    Apistogramma in 9 gallon fluval flex

    One thing I always try to stress is that each fish has a unique personality and we should avoid trying to make general characterizations. In my case, I found them to be very aggressive toward their own species and generally ignored most other fish. I've found them to be especially difficult in a...
  11. apistobob

    Apistogramma in 9 gallon fluval flex

    Thanks for the kind words. THe new site still has a limited number of species but each has been completely rewritten. I will add some additional species in the coming months but, I don't ever intend to be an identification site. There is no way to keep up with all the new discoveries TomC is...
  12. apistobob

    Apistogramma in 9 gallon fluval flex

    I do exist and visit here almost every day but I rarely post. Instead, I've been putting my efforts into completely revising and rewriting my website www.dwarfcichlid.com which I really hadn't touched since about 2008. The new site is now online but I'm still making edits to pages on a daily...
  13. apistobob

    A. cf. ortegai "Pebas"?

    Thanks Mike and Frank, I'm content to never know for sure. They were wild imports in 2008 and are long gone from my fish room.
  14. apistobob

    A. cf. ortegai "Pebas"?

    I don't have any female photos but this one shows caudal spots of three different males
  15. apistobob

    A. cf. ortegai "Pebas"?

    I'm quite sure I've had this misidentified as A. sp. "Putumayo" for the past 20 years. It looks to me like A. cf. Ortegai "Pebas" because of the caudal blotch. I purchased them as A. sp. "Putumayo" and I don't have any photos of the female. Any thoughts? Bob
  16. apistobob

    Why are Apistogramma steindachneri unpopular ?

    I always thought they are a good beginner species as already described. While they usually don't have a lot of color, a full grown male displaying is quite spectacular. I found them to be about the easiest species to breed and they were capable of vewry large spawns - 200 not uncommon. This...
  17. apistobob

    Apistos from Rio Xingu

    Thanks Mike, That's pretty much what I thought. It would sure be great if A. sp. Blauspiegel would someday be available. I never kept them at the time but your article in the BB was great. There have never been many species from the Xingu which always surprised me because it's such a big...
  18. apistobob

    Apistos from Rio Xingu

    Thanks, I'd already seen this and it looks like they have not had much from the Xingu for years.
  19. apistobob

    Apistos from Rio Xingu

    Does anyone know if there are any Apistos coming from the Xingu? Will there ever be? It's been many years since I've seen any. Did the completion of the Belo Monte Dam have the negative impact feared? Does anyone know what the status is of the species that were found near Altimira? I don't think...
  20. apistobob

    Unknown Plant

    Tom ,I think that's it - Thanks Bob