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    Two spawns at once in same tank

    Wow that’s pretty cool. To be honest I can’t give much info without a species. Since your females are at opposite ends, in what I assume is a long tank, it’s probably gonna work out. You might have to consider target feeding at both sides too. At least for me, with MacMasteri, I kept both...
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    How Long Does it Take for MacMasteri Eggs to Hatch?

    Thank you. That makes more sense. I woke up to wrigglers today so they must have hatched overnight. Hatch time: 72-84 hours
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    How Long Does it Take for MacMasteri Eggs to Hatch?

    Hi everyone, I was able to get my MacMasteri pair to spawn! The female is currently brooding eggs (which I’m unable to see from the entrance). The internet mostly says it’ll take 3-4 days for the eggs to hatch, and a couple of people have said 7 days. Does anyone have a relatively accurate...
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    Hi from Canada

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I got a pair of A. MacMasteri that I’m trying to breed and have been using these forums as a resource. Thought it was time to finally join!