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  1. K

    Help ID Apistos I caught near Leticia, Colombia

    Thank you both for your help. If we catch any more apistos on our next trip I'll post them here.
  2. K

    Help ID Apistos I caught near Leticia, Colombia

    Hi all, I spent a few weeks in the field near Leticia, Colombia back in November 2021 for my dissertation research and we caught a few species of Apistogramma that I need help identifying if possible. We'll be going back at the end of the month, so it would be good to have an ID if we catch...
  3. K

    Black head

    Any update on what has happened to the spreading blackness? I don't think that it is a stroke or a genetic weakness. I have a 55gal planted community tank with a pair of angels, cardinal and emperor tetras and some A. mcmasteri "red-neck". Several months ago I noticed a weird black spot appear...