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    don't go holidays in Greece

    five dogs hunged alive two weeks ago in SITIA - CRETE - Greece and shocked every dog , animal and nature friend in Greece the following link shows the cruelty http://anergoidimosiografoi.blogspot.com/2009/05/5.html For the most Cretes the citizens of the island of Crete it is something...
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    hatchet fish species

    hello everybody i have a non cichlid question for today :) how many species of hatchets exist ? i have only found two but saw photos that show more species are there more than two ? thank's , Nick
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    Mikrogeophagus ramirezi habitat

    hello :) i am trying to find some information for the M.ramirezi habitat but all i found is only that they are from orinoco system. do they occure in all of this system ? i don't think so as it is huge , so does anyone knows exactly the location they are from ? thank's in advance
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    tank size

    hello :) a friend of mine shut off ( i can't say it in english ) his fishroom and he gave me 2 aquariums 40x40x40 and 2 60 liter aquariums for 20 euro all , so i din't think of of it twice would you put any dwarf cichlid in an aquarium 40cm x 40cm x 40cm / 16 inch x16 x 16 ? or should i...
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    real nannacara anomala ?

    hello at this thread http://forum.apistogramma.com/showthread.php?t=6781&highlight=nannacara+anomala at the # 4 post Mike Wise told that the nannacara we keep as anomala it is not the real one ... so which is the true nannacara anomala and what nannacara is the one we keep ? :confused: i...
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    Hemichromis stellifer

    hey everyone i am going to get 4 of them tomorow and i would like to know some things about the water parameters and feeding thank's Nick
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    high temperatures

    hello. summer has come in greece and allready the temperature is over 93F-34C and some aquariums allready heated and are at 29 C - 84.2 F what do you think about this?is it ok to let it go? every summer i use PC fans over every aquarium to make evaporation which lowers the temperature
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    genus apistogramma

    hello. i would like to write an article for the greek aquarists club magazine on the genus apistogramma as they are not very popular in greece:mad: but i don't know some things-maybe all of the things-:rolleyes: . i would like to know what seperates the apistogramma genus from the...
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    apistogramma masken fry

    there era only 7 of them.they were 20-25 from two different females but i delayed to take them out of their parents aquarium and only 7 survived unfortunately i cannot take any good photo of the fry but i wiil try again tomorow i found them difficult to breed.i was trying to breed them for 5-6...
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    apistogramma panduro problem

    this is a friend's apistogramma panduro as you can see half of its mouth is missing probably after a fight with the fem which is guarding fry are they so agressive or is it just this fem? the fish is eating and behaves normally
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    Laif Demason's seminar in greece

    In May 17 Laif demason will be in greece for a seminar around lake mallawi and lake tanganika. Laif Demason is invited by the greek aquarists club
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    macmasteri fem

    hello everybody.i have a pair of macmasteri they spawn at about every 20days but the female never sows her fry and because she keeps them in the coconut they dont find any food and some days after they die. the only time that the fry made it was when i changed aquascape and she just took her...
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    apistogramma sp "galaxy"

    a friend of mine has these apistos they are F0 from peru. does anybody knows anything about them? their scientific name?
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    England ?

    hi.are there enough species of apistogrammas in england?i am asking because i am planning a trip to england to get fish:biggrin: ---i think that the hobby started to be dangerous--- i also have some relatives over there and i would like to meet them so why not get some fish if i have the...
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    fish and tanks

    these are my tanks and the pair of the apistogramma macmasteri.unfortunately my camera is not so good and i faced some problems when i was trying to take photos of the masken.sorry for the bad quality of the photos but my camera is not good. the male apistogramma macmasteri the female...
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    introducing myself

    hello everybody.my name is nick i am from greece. i am a hobbyist for some years.my big love is apistogrammas :wink: :biggrin: .at this time in my fishroom i have only two tanks with apistos:frown: ,one 90l with a pair of apistogramma macmasteri and one 140l with F1 apistogramma masken one male...