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  1. awth

    My 1st L46 spawn

    Finally, after 1yr and 2 months, my 46 finally spawned! The babies are so lovely and cute! :):) For referrence: Tank Size: 25"L X 15"W X 15"H, approx 86L Filter: Totto External Filter + Eheim 2211 + Eheim Power Head Water Para.: Temp 30C, ph 6.8, No3 = 0-0.5mg/L, kh 1-2, gh 0-1 Food...
  2. awth

    [Documentary] My Ivanacara adoketa baby

    Originally written in Chinese and translated by my friend, Andrew YU, thanks, Andrew!! Forward: I have finally done it after two whole years!!! Thinking back to the beginning……. My first pair of Ivanacara adoketa is aquarium breed F1 purchased on December 2006 from “An Aquarium”...
  3. awth

    A. sp. "Breitbinden"

    Only a little bit bigger :frown: Nov 24th Dec 9th
  4. awth

    [Pics] ..... hehehe

    How many tails you see here?
  5. awth

    [Pics] New System for I. Adoketa

    Have been a Canon fans for years, but that new DSLR 5DII really disappointed me, Perhaps it is time to change my system to Nikon. Here are some pics with my new toy, I am still learning how to use this whole new system, even though Nikon is more sharp, but I still like the color of Canon :wink:
  6. awth

    [PIC] My Dwarfss

    Wild I. Adoketa from RVA Japan Wild I. Adoketa from LFS Volvo Aqaurium
  7. awth

    Wild A. Elizabethe #1

    My new acquistion on Sunday. Please comment. :)
  8. awth

    Rocket Adoketa

  9. awth

    Price Comparison

    Dear all, I am from Hong Kong, and recently we have an discussion in a local forum regarding the price of Apisto across the world. We are discussing about the price for particular spieces, I would appreicate if you can give me some idea and let me know which country you are from. Please...
  10. awth

    [Pic] Before and After - A. bitaeniata (Rio Tefe)

    Just arrived @ 29 Jan A bit more than 1 month @ 2 Mar under different WB Daylight WB: Auto WB: Flash WB: FL Tube WB:
  11. awth

    A. Elizabethe F1 VS German A. Elizabethe

    My own F1 VS German A. Elizabethe, which one you like better?? :) My own F1 German A. Elizabethe
  12. awth

    Adoketa: Female or male?

    I purchased this pair about 2months ago, the "female" was only about 5cm and the male was about 7cm. At the time of my purchase, I was confident that I have a pair, however, recently, me and my friends started to wonder if the female is truly a SHE. The male is now 8cm, and the "female" is...
  13. awth

    [Pic] Dragon Family

    I. Adoketa, in Chinese, we call them "Dragon Pattern", so here I present to you, my collections of my Dragon family. Everyone of them are special to me :wink: WF1 @ Nov 2006 M: 8cm F: 6cm MALE FEMALE
  14. awth

    [Video] Adoketa Spawning

    Video tapped on 6th Aug 6th 20:30-21:30. http://youtube.com/watch?v=oQg8SxrsJcs Thank you for watching :)
  15. awth

    I. adoketa (New location)

    Recently acquired another pair, hope you like them as much as I do! ^^
  16. awth


    Very cute~~
  17. awth

    A. Bitaeniata "Tefe"

  18. awth

    I. Adoketa and my left hand

    I am soooooooo emotionally attach to this little fellow~~ :wink:
  19. awth

    id please, thank you!

    A. cf. payaminonis / A sp. Zwilling I / A. nijsseni??? Please help me, thank you!
  20. awth

    Patrol - Apistogramma bitaeniata "Mamuri"

    :) The most wonderful moment in keeping dwarf. It is a reward to me for all my time and effort!!!