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  1. Matías

    Apistogramma linkei ID

    Hi everyone, I need help identifing this Apistogramma. ( regani Group / commbra e Complex / Apistogramma linkei?) I caught it in Cochabamba - Bolivia. Thanks a lot!
  2. Matías

    Filter for an apisto couple

    Hi everyone, a couple of questions: Do you know which would be the best type of filter for an apisto (Apistogramma baenschi and Apistogramma cacatuoides) couple or trio? Would you recommend the use of sponge filter in a 20 gal (75 L) aquarium (that contains plants and sand)? Thanks!
  3. Matías

    Apistogramma luelingi questions

    Greetings! Please, I want to know: Why my male Apistogramma luelingi aggressively chases around my female from the same species all the time? Where could I get more info about this specie? (Web links or books) And what would be the ideal aquarium size for an Apistogramma luelingi couple or...
  4. Matías

    Apistogramma ID please

    Hey everyone, I need help with the identification of this apisto ... I bought it with a group of Apistogramma baenschi ... Thanks!
  5. Matías

    Help with diagnosis Sick Ram needs help

    I need help with a diagnosis, I have young M. ramirezi is sick, it stays in the background and is very fat ... Could this be a bowel obstruction? What is it that I do? Thanks for help
  6. Matías

    Apistogramma Baenschi sex ID

    Greetings from Bolivia! Could someone please help me determine these two young apistogramma baenschi's sex? A) B) Thanks!
  7. Matías

    Hi from Bolivia

    My name is Matías, I'm from Cochabamba, Bolivia. Sorry if I'm wrong with my English, I have no problems with corrections, they are grateful... I hope to read and learn a lot in this forum because I love apistogrammas and other dwarf cichlids... Greetings from Bolivia!