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  1. Ttw

    Looking for a female apistogramma personata

    If you are still searching for females private message me. I know of a source that has females available.
  2. Ttw

    New collecting reports

    Now that's impressive.
  3. Ttw

    New collecting reports

    Two wonderful reports. The photos are remarkable. Your report of the chiggers reminds me of when I was collecting in Venezuela and took a break from Apisto collecting and went to the Gran Sabana to collect killifish. There we experienced a biting gnat called jejen or La Plaga. Never have I...
  4. Ttw

    Any reason I shouldn't feed Northfin Betta Bits, and other questions.

    I have had some success with Hikari Vibra Bites and freeze dried tubifex. Also luck with Repashy Bottom Scratcher. However, the only apistos that will eat these are my erythrura. None of the others are interested.
  5. Ttw

    Buying Wild Rams

    Thank you but looking for wild Rams
  6. Ttw

    Buying Wild Rams

    Thanks for the info. I am hoping for other options too.
  7. Ttw

    Buying Wild Rams

    I am looking for wild caught Rams. I am located in Arizona.
  8. Ttw

    apistogramma erythrura

    My erythrura are not particularly aggressive. They do not need a big tank.
  9. Ttw

    Erythrura color forms

    Does anyone know if the different color forms of A. erythrura breed true? I have collected 3 forms. The red caudal, blue caudal, and the colorless caudal. Since they are collected in the same area and all the females look alike I have not been able to set up reliable pairs of each form.
  10. Ttw

    Smallest tank size

    Yes I remember Fontaine. Only source of Apistos when I started out. Even though it is not a perfect size, I have used 5.5 gal aquariums for several different apistos and they successfully spawned. A little crowding seems to spread out the aggression.
  11. Ttw

    Vacation Care

    I have left my fish for 10 days without a problem. Two weeks is pushing things. Having someone else feed your fish often turns out bad.
  12. Ttw

    Sexing A erythrura

    Not all A. erythrura have red caudals. Some have a faint blue and others have colorless caudals. I have collected all three types from the wild.
  13. Ttw

    Need Solutions for powering multiple sponge filters in (3) tanks

    You might check Jehmco.com if you haven't already. Like Mike I use a linear piston pump and have had many years of quiet trouble free service. They also have some serious diaphragm pumps for smaller setups.
  14. Ttw

    Wild caught Apisto ID needed please

    I would like to see more of the black markings but they look to probably be urteagai.
  15. Ttw

    A. rubrolineata?

    Looks like the rubrolineata I collected.
  16. Ttw

    7 day holiday, what to do?

    If only for seven days the fish will be fine without food. Much more dangerous letting someone else feed them.
  17. Ttw

    Black background: risk of mirror effect?

    All my tanks have a black background. No problems.
  18. Ttw

    Question about leaves

    I live in the Arizona desert too. I get my oak leaves up in the Flagstaff area.
  19. Ttw

    Brine shrimp cultures

    Several people in this area do this and they claim a higher hatch rate and fewer culture crashes. I had not heard of it before.
  20. Ttw

    Brine shrimp cultures

    Does anyone add a drop or two of chlorine bleach to a liter of their bbs culture?