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    Darter tetra

    A sad lack of threads in this section :) So here's a picture of one of my African darter tetras - Nannocharax fasciatus. A little cutie that hops about on the sand like a wee kangeroo!
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    Dicrossus filamentosus

    Very brief video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa5ozOYr4vI
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    Forum colour?

    How do I get rid of the unreadable brown and yellow? I used to have an easy on the eye blue option but can't seem to find it. The general settings page is not viewable as all the text is jumbled up. Thanks. :)
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    P. nicholsi - free (Scotland)

    Free to collect - as many mouthbrooders as you can take away. Mostly males but there are one or two female. Male: 3 months old:
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    Hoping this is a female borellii? To go with this nice little male:
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    P. nicholsi - sex ratio

    I've a spawn of around 30 Pseudocrenilabrus nicholsi that are sexing out. Looks like 100% male. Is skewed sex ratios a known issue with this fish?
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    Pelvicachromis etymology

    Does anyone know the etymology of the generic name Pelvicachromis? Seems to be some conflicting info. I always thought Pelvic = belly and chromis = coloured but fishbase is rather confusing: Latin, pelvica, -ae = bassin + Greek, chromis = a fish, perhaps a perch (Ref. 45335). What's a...
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    Multi quote this message

    The icon for "mutil quote this message" is appearing as a red cross when viewing posts. At least it is for me.
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    M. altispinosus

    What is the range of altispinosus? The latest Datz (South American Dwarf Cichlids) gives Bolivia whilst everywhere else that I can see says both Bolivia & Brazil. Are there any other references I can cite in support of the former view or are they alone in this opinion?
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    Looking for Apistogrammoides pucallpaensis (UK)

    I have 3 fish but they appear to be all males. Does anybody in the UK have female A. pucallpaensis? Regards -- Graham Ramsay Secretary Fair CIty Aquarist Society
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    What agassizii?

    I bought a pair of these and they were labelled only as 'apistos'.
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    Please ID this "krib"

    Posted on another forum. Bought in Canada as a "krib".
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    I'm a little confused by the new Datz book's information on apistogrammoides. It shows the family tree and seems to indicate that, for example, Apistogramma hongsloi is more closely related to Apistogrammoides pucallpaensis than to some other Apistogrammas such as Apistogramma agassizii...
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    "A" numbers

    The new Datz book is using A-Numbers for apistogramma and apistogrammoides. Will this be used for all new fish into the hobby? Will new fish still be given those long German combinations? Is anybody else using them yet?
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    Breeding age in the wild

    At what age do apistos and other dwarfs breed in the wild? I'm just being curious because I've had some very small fish spawn for me. Long before their colours and finnage are fully developed. If this is also typical of wild fish them I'm wondering what's the 'purpose' of the adults full...
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    Moanda pair with fry: Male with older fry:
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    Been looking at some pictures of the 'steelblue' hybrid. All of the fish I've seen so far have a very obvious double gold/yellow eye ring. Are there any true species of apisto that share this feature? http://wannacomewith.com/cw/aq/apisto_m_060804_2.jpg
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    Maternal behaviour in Apistos

    This young A. trifasciata is guarding her 'brood' of grindal worms. She's no more than an inch long. I've seen the same thing with one of my female A. hongsloi.
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    Clever badis?

    Or just lucky? I've been keeping a little colony of Badis ruber for a wee while. Not much to look at but fascinating all the same. Quite tame and easy to breed. I had a trio in a tank next to a pair of A. hongsloi. On Saturday afternoon I noticed the female hongsloi had turned yellow and...
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    A. trifasciata

    My adult male A. trifasciata has coloured up really well. Is this an aquarium strain or are the wild fish this nice?