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    Sexing Laetacara Thayeri

    The dorsal threads on fish one are really long. It may be a male that hasn't colored up because of the presence of the dominant one.- I see two options. Either wait until the little one shows and ovipositor, which may take a long time or even prove fruitless, or separate them into 2 tanks and...
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    Sexing Apistogramma cocatuoides

    When they are half-way to full grown, the males become apparent by finnage
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    Apisto pigmentation

    It might be worth breeding a few generations to see if it can become a fixed color morph. That's how all the other variants enter the hobby. You need to keep the group separate, though.
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    Apistogramma Agassizii Fire Gold Breeding

    That's big enough for a trio if you give them some landscaping to break line of sight, but yes, sure.
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    Feeding apisto cac fry

    I have had luck with Golden pearls once they have had bbs for 6 or 7 days. Live foods would include freshwater amphipods, copepods, and daphnia that can be cultured, then fed and left without worrying about them dying and polluting the water.
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    Expanded Apisto identification system?

    But that is not a problem with the system. Dishonest marketers will do that with or without the numbering system. The system gives buyers an easier way to research, thereby making it harder for scammers.
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    Experience with glass catfish?

    But the OP asked about fry predation. If the concern is general compatibility, then glass cats and apistoes will frequent different layers of the tank, and water parameters are compatible.
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    Expanded Apisto identification system?

    I was not aware of an existing system. That being said, I am not asking for another one. I am content to have the one that is currently in place. And to Frank- having a numbering system allows us to quickly establish a standard identity for a new fish as it enters the hobby. So many fish are...
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    Expanded Apisto identification system?

    What? NO. I am not talking about reorganizing genera or sub-genera. When a new apisto is found, it simply gets the next available number. No reorganizing needed. Simply just keep counting.
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    Experience with glass catfish?

    I have found that the size of a fish's mouth is the best guideline for whether they even are capable of eating fry. I am not sure whether I've ever actually seen a fully grown glass cat of any species, but if you are serious about breeding, then your breeders should be in their own tanks. 10-15...
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    Expanded Apisto identification system?

    Hi. I am returning to the hobby after a long absence. There have been huge changes in taxonomy, technology, general aquarium philosophy, etc. Something I have noticed that I think the Apistogramma genus may benefit from- a numbering system. There is now a system of L-xxx id's for...
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    Apisto Fan from long ago.

    Hi- I was a member of the Apistogramma Study Group back in the 80's and 90's. I have been out of the hobby for about 25 years. I am setting up a 75-gallon community tank. I hope that by next summer I will be able to start a fish room proper.