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  1. Randall

    Red Forest jewel ID

    Hi Killiguy, I wouldn't rely too much on the sydneycichlid.com article above. Much of the information contained within is just blatantly wrong. All the best, Randall Kohn
  2. Randall

    Jewel Cichlid type locality question

    Hi Brian, I don't envy your task because the type locality of Hemichromis bimaculatus is not known. To my knowledge the species has never been exported to the US, and the identity of the putative H. bimaculatus in the European hobby has never been established. Gill, of the Academy of...
  3. Randall

    Sexing D. Filamentosus Juvies...

    Dicrosussus filamentosus Hello specJ, I'm pretty sure that Dicrosussus filamentosus is a hermaphrodite...a protogynous hermaphrodite (one that starts its life as a female). If memory serves (it often doesn't!), Ted Judy published an article about his experience with hermaphrodism in D...
  4. Randall

    Sexing D. Filamentosus Juvies...

    Diocrossus filamentosus Hello guys, Isn't Dicrossus filamentosus a hermaphrodite? They are born females and metamorphose in the absence of a mature male as is necessary. DH247, chill out and see what develops! Good luck! Randall Kohn
  5. Randall

    The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of Lower Guinea, West-Central Africa

    Stiassny et al., 2007 Hi guys, Stiassny et al., 2007, is essentially a field guide inclusive of taxonomic keys. It is not intended as a hobbyist resource for simulating a natural environment for one's fishes. Randall Kohn
  6. Randall

    Benitochromis nigrodorsalis

    Hello David, Congrats on the spawn! Benitochromis nigrodorsalis is one of my favorite fish. At 76 degress the fry should swim free in about 10-12 days. Until that time and for several weeks after, the parents will switch-hit the eggs, larvae and fry. Good luck! Randall Kohn
  7. Randall

    Image Galleries

    More Hemichromis Hello Jerome, Thanks for the information. I've shot off an email message to Florent asking about Hemichromis letorneauxi. As for H. sp. "Moanda", although not much is known, what is known can be found here: http://www.cichlid-forum.com/profiles/species.php?id=2622...
  8. Randall

    Image Galleries

    Hemichromis Hey Steve, The photos labeled Hemichromis stellifer in Ted's image gallery depict H. stellifer (Congo form), and the photos labeled H. cristatus in the links you furnished depict H. cristatus (Nigerian form). Happy Hemis! Randall Kohn
  9. Randall

    Image Galleries

    Hemichromis Hello Jerome, Thanks for offering, but there is no need to follow up. I know the source(s) of the information. However, at this time, this information is purely speculative and surely not published. Also, are you quite sure that Loiselle restricts Hemichromis letourneaxi to...
  10. Randall

    Image Galleries

    Hemichromis Hello Jerome, What have either Lamboj or Loiselle published that suggests the above statement, please? Thank you. Randall Kohn
  11. Randall

    Keeping Pelv Taeniatus in a 10 gal

    Pelvicachromis taeniatus Hello George, Unless you know that you have a well-bonded, harmonious pair, a ten-gallon tank is probably too small for your two Pelvicachromis taeniatus. A twenty-gallon long tank is a more optimal size. As for dither fish, any of the small, benign tetras or...
  12. Randall

    Congochromis sabinae breeding success

    Congochromis sabinae Hello Westafrica, We need to be very careful when assuming that a taxon bearing an informal association like "Tschuapa," "Lobe," "Bangui," "Shiloango," etc. denotes a specific locality from which a subject fish is collected. Often this is not the case. Anton Lamboj...
  13. Randall

    Congochromis sabinae breeding success

    Congochromis/Nanochromis spp. Hello Andrew, Looking at the list you have posted, the informal designations Nanochromis (now Congochromis) sp. "Gemena/Makoua/Bamanja" do indeed correspond to Congochromis sabinae (Lamboj, 2005), and Nanochromis sp. "Kasai" was described as Nanochromis teugelsi...
  14. Randall

    Steatocranus casuarius

    Hello Duc, If your male is displaying and defending a territory, he sounds pretty healthy. I don't think a sick fish would exhibit this kind of behavior. Have you tried feeding different foods? In nature (the lower Congo system), S. casuarius is found in waters with less current than the...
  15. Randall

    Benitochromis nigrodorsalis

    Hello Lenny, Reading this thread, it seems that your former Benitochromis nigrodorsalis pair got along well enough to spawn but were not a well-matched pair (As Anton would say, a "harmonious pair."). Sometimes when introducing a male and female of a particular cichlid species, things work...
  16. Randall

    Breeding house suggestions

    Housing Nanochromis spp. Hello Craig, Although breeding most Nanochromis spp. is not especially difficult, males can be very rough on females. Unless you know that you have a highly compatable pair, housing Nanochromis spp. in 18" tanks may not work out. Even after bonding, it is not...
  17. Randall

    Steatocranus casuarius

    Hello Duc, Have you ruled out disease? If your male Steatocranus casuarius is not eating, this may indicate that something is wrong. If he is defending a territory, however, this is a good sign. Keeping a close eye on him may be a good idea for the time being. Good luck! Randall Kohn
  18. Randall

    P. taeniatus profile is up

    Type 1 krib vs. type 2 krib? Hello Ted, I've just had a look at the Pelvicachromis species profiles. What is a type 1 krib vs. a type 2 krib? Also, why is P. humilis listed as a "krib" at all? Thanks! Randall Kohn
  19. Randall

    Apisto movie preview!

    Apistogramma trailer Hello Rolo, What an exciting project! I wait with great anticipation for the finished product. Good luck! All the best, Randall Kohn
  20. Randall

    Water 101

    Conductivity Hello spitfire, Water contains a slew of trace elements and mineral salts that enable it to conduct electricity. The ability of water to conduct electricity--or its conductivity--is measured on the MicroSiemens scale expressed as MicroSiemens per liter at x degrees. My tap...