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    Moving tank to an new place

    I going to move to an new place in two weeks. Do I need to replace all of the bio filter media in my Eheim 2215 and how much old water do I need to keep? Also I am going to replace the substrates.
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    Can someone tell me is this a male or female???

    Got this guy two days ago but not sure if is a male or female
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    Can someome ID this dwarf cichlid for me please

    Lfs told me he is a Cupid Cichlid but I don't think he is.
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    Ph for Hongsloi???

    Does Hongsloi require low ph? My ph is around 7.7.
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    Dicrossus maculatus bloating issue

    I been feeding them krill chips which is 50% protein. The first ingredients is krill which is 40% then it is the fish and fish derivatives ingredient.
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    Dicrossus maculatus bloating issue

    Hallo I have two Dicrossus maculatus in a 30g tank but of them already died from bloating and the other one is still fighting with it. I been feeding them high protein pellets and the ph is 7.7. I am wondering what is causing the problem???
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    Not a dwarf cichlid but need help with my festivum cichlid

    Anyone have any idea what is going on with his eye? Just brought this guy yesterday and never notice this until now.
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    Is this green water problem???

    Should I keep dosing the Stability everyday? I stopped on the second week. Also is it ok to use warm water from the tap?
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    Is this green water problem???

    Hey guys this green water cloydy problem? It did clear up in the second week but it went back to cloudy after ai added two more Angelfish.The tank is 3 weeks old but the Matrix is over a year old and I have 1L of it. I am wondering is the problem from the Caribsea sunset gold sand because I...
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    Question about hob filter

    Is it going to be too heavy to have two ac 70 on a 30g long tank?
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    Adding aquarium salt to Tanganyika cichlid tank

    Can I add a little bit of the aquarium salt to my Tanganyika cichlid tank? I have Julidochromis Transcriptus and Neolamprologus Caudopunctatus.
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    How do i get rid of the bb algae on my Anubias???

    I just notcied there are a little bit of bb algae starting to grow on the edge of the leaves and stem of my Anubias. How can I get rid of them?
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    Dicrossus maculatus's PH and hardness???

    Ok I will just stay with pellets or flakes then. Is it ok to keep them at 78F or do they need higher temperature even when they are not in a breeding period?
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    Dicrossus maculatus's PH and hardness???

    Is it possible to keep 2 male in a 30g tank?
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    Dicrossus maculatus's PH and hardness???

    So even frozen bloodworms is no good for them?
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    Dicrossus maculatus's PH and hardness???

    Because the black worms and bloodworms may carry bacteria?
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    Dicrossus maculatus's PH and hardness???

    For the wild ones are they going to survive? Do I need to provide some almond leaves for them?
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    Dicrossus maculatus's PH and hardness???

    What about 6.8-7 Do they get bloat very easy?
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    Dicrossus maculatus's PH and hardness???

    What about 6.8-7 for thr ph? Is that ok for them?