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    Hello from the Netherlands

    Nice scape and group of fish Jay :) I think too you might need some in the middle, maybe some small rocks with anubia or some Greeting from another dutchman hihih
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    Room temperature

    10° or 18° that a wide differance ;)
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    Room temperature

    Thank you for your answer. Now in winter its around 19, in summer warmer. Just like in nature. So i dont need to use a heater right?
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    Room temperature

    Is it possible to keep a couple ap.borellii on room temperature even now its lower like 19°(66f).?
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    thanks a lot :)
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    Hello guys, I wonder if its possible to keep a small pleco with a couple A.Borellii ? Thanks:)
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    temperature !

    Hello all, Is it possible to keep a couple A.Borelli on room temperature ? In winter its around 20c (68f) and in summer around 25c(77f) Thank you:)