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  1. J

    Stocking a 20g long

    Do you have a mystery snail now? Was he trying to escape as you expected or his behaviour was different? Interested to know your experience, thank you!
  2. J

    Can you keep a pair of apisto alone?

    Hi, how your apistos feeling now?
  3. J

    A. agassizii part 2

    Cannot stop watching these great shots!
  4. J

    A. cacatuoides juvenile to adult transformation photos

    Great shots! What camera do you use to make these pictures? :)
  5. J

    New here

    Thank you all for the warm welcoming :)
  6. J

    New here

    Hello here! I do not have much experience with Apistos so I need to keep in touch woth the well-experienced people - that's why I am here :) Hope I'll be useful here someday All the best to you and your Apistos!