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  1. Supercorygirl

    Odd behavior

    The WC from the spawning tank will have the pheromones whereas the regular won't.
  2. Supercorygirl

    Odd behavior

    Have you thought of doing a WC on the macmasteri with water from the spawning pair tank? I've kick started a few reluctant corys this way.
  3. Supercorygirl

    Some good dealers

    *sigh* so jealous! Not a lot of selection for healthy apistos where I live .
  4. Supercorygirl

    I'd for wild caught Apisto sold as sp. Purple

    Sorry about that, I've only recently started the photography side and in my haste forgot to peruse the stickys. I'll try to get some better shots tonight with a proper camera especially after reading into the identification process. Never realized how much there was to the process till now .
  5. Supercorygirl

    Hello from Alberta

    So been fish keeping for 4 years, and my first love is corydoras. Just love their antics and personality. I joined my local aquarium society and enjoy their auctions to much according to my hubby and my wallet. I've started to branch out my interests away from catfish and live bearers and dwarf...
  6. Supercorygirl

    I'd for wild caught Apisto sold as sp. Purple

    Hi new to apistos and having read quite abit on your forum I'm hoping for a little help iding a beauty of a dwarf I picked up at a lfs. They were sold to me as A. Sp. Purple and I fumbled my way into having them spawn. As I would like to sell any fry I manage to raise plus make sure I'm caring...