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  1. Mike Wise

    Reverse trio

    A. cacatuoides, and nearly all apistos, do not 'bond'. Also, females initiate breeding, not males. Without knowing more about your aquarium it's hard to say if it's worthwhile to remove the other male.
  2. Mike Wise

    Just bought 2 A. Cacatuoides, one has a swimming issue

    Appears to be a swim bladder problem. It's probably not curable, sorry.
  3. Mike Wise

    ick, epistylis or something else ?

    To me it sound like the cysts have dropped off and are multiplying. Then they will re-infest any stressed fish.
  4. Mike Wise

    Need a Guru to answer a question

    Your elevation has no effect on fish. The difference in water pressure between sea level and 8000'/2400m is negligible compared to atmospheric pressure. About the only difference in keeping an aquarium at high elevation and sea level is that you'll need a larger air pump at elevation. '
  5. Mike Wise

    ick, epistylis or something else ?

    It appears to be Ich. Note that clown loaches are extremely sensitive to medications, so I would try some other method to cure the fish.
  6. Mike Wise

    ID help

    Size? Looks like a regani-complex species and a female to me. There are several regani-complex species that occur with A. cacatuoides in Peru. As Frank wrote, it's hard to say which with out a collecting location.
  7. Mike Wise

    Apisto identification

    There is a photo of a male on line. It looks different from fire red, similar to the differences between red and orange flash cacatuoides. It's just another domestic color strain to my jaded, opinionated, opinion. Some will love it, some will hate it. I'll just ignore it.:)
  8. Mike Wise

    Need help sexing Cacatuoides

    The problem with domestic red strains of A. cacatuoides is that the females develop many masculine traits (color, fins) that wild females do not. With that caveat, from what I see you probably have 1 of each sex.
  9. Mike Wise


    I have never had problems with 'volunteer' snails (MBS, pond, and ramshorn) causing problems eating eggs. Then, I never kept 'exotic' snails in a breeding tank.
  10. Mike Wise

    Can anyone help id this apisto? It came in with a wild batch of inka. There is a male and female in there. I just can't figure out what it is.

    It's not you that is the problem, it's your phone's camera. Cell 'phones' now are a "Jack of all trades, but a master of none". On a small screen they may look sharp, but on a larger computer screen they are not clear enough to see features that I need to identify an apisto.
  11. Mike Wise

    Sexing young apistogramma cacatuides?

    If it's guarding eggs/fry then it's a female. Stupid I know but true and couldn't help myself. In all honesty if you can't sex them then there is no easy way to sex them. One option is to put all the fish in 1 tank and remove males to another tank as they become obvious. The problem with this is...
  12. Mike Wise

    Can anyone help id this apisto? It came in with a wild batch of inka. There is a male and female in there. I just can't figure out what it is.

    Personally, the photos are too out-of-focus to see much but Frank's guess is as good as any.
  13. Mike Wise

    Raising Borellii fry

    A. borellii fry are slow growers, but after 2 weeks they should be >2mm. Perhaps the bbs isn't reaching the fry?? I keep my fry until the female shows a lack of interest in them. As for age at breeding, I doubt they will be breed-able for 7 - 8 months of age. In-breeding is less important with...
  14. Mike Wise

    Apistogramma shop

    Klang valley, as in Malaysia? Sorry, I can't help you there.
  15. Mike Wise

    Help ID’ing this female Apisto please

    Possibly, but my A. erythrura, collected west of the Rio Itonomas, never show lateral spots on Bars 2 & 4, but only Bar 3. Has anyone see this 3-spot pattern on A. erythrua? I would also expect to see the lateral band become noticeably wider toward the posterior. Many females are hard to ID.
  16. Mike Wise

    blackwater tank cycling?

    I think everyone is over-thinking pH here, if planning to breed most populations of A. bitaeniata. Most actually occur in mixed clear/blackwater streams with softer water values. A pH value of 5.5 was not needed by me for any of the forms that I've kept over the decades. Usually around pH 6 was...
  17. Mike Wise

    Strange behaviour?

    Yes, typical courtship behavior. So what do you plan to do now??
  18. Mike Wise

    Help choosing my first Apistogramma/Dwarf Cichlid

    You have a beautiful community/display tank but I have to agree with Mac that it is not suitable if you add a breeding pair. For most apistos and male and female of the same species is a breeing pair. The tank size is OK for some smaller, less polygamous apisto pairs, but realize that the...
  19. Mike Wise

    Apistogramma Agassizii Fire Gold Breeding

    There are actually 2 different agassizii-complex species that occur in the Rio Tefe. This is why there were so many problems with breeding/hybrids when A. sp. Tefe was first introduced. As for A. allpahuayo, the same space requirements exist for it as the Fire-red aggies. There is little...
  20. Mike Wise

    Are there any common Apistogramma that are over 2.5in or 7cm?

    20High or 20Long? A 15/20H is the bare minimum for larger apistos, especially more polygamous species, even for experienced apisto breeders. It can work for species that form breeding pairs (different from mated pair) like A. nijsseni/panduro, but only after a pair bond forms for breeding. If...