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    Had a heater fail last night in my F-1 Viejita tank, temp was almost 100, male/female breeders dead, 12 fry dead. I just hope some of the fry I pulled will give me some females, I have some males from another batch but no females. It's amazing how just the littlest thing can become a game...
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    Blood worms [midge fly larva]

    I read a lot of posts saying bloodworms are not good for apistos and most of it seems to be with commercially bought bloodworms, I raise and cultivate bloodworm but mine are in clean clear water [water fountain, birdbath]. Do the same cautions apply to bloodworms raised in a more sanitary condition?
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    Tank mate for apistogramma borelli

    She looks plenty big enough, I have four females on fry [first batch] that are about 1 1/4". I use live food and good water to help mine along in promoting breeding. Good luck there one of my favorite.
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    Tank full of brooding color females

    Was at my LFS and they have about dozen female agassizii with no males or fry, all of them were canary yellow and still are a week later anybody else ever see this?
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    Apisto's for sale

    Hongsloi $5.00 Cacatuoides wild/wild form? $5.00 F-2 Viejitas $7.00 pluss shipping. PM me if interested
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    Screen half cover by adds

    Not sure where to put this but half of my screen is covered and I only have about 3" at the bottom and it only happens when I'm signed in, if I sign out I get a full screen.
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    Viejita and Cacatuoides

    I have what was sold to me as a F1 Viejita now that he is grown I would like a identification if can be, I contacted the importer and he said he is the one that got the wild parents, here is the male And another one I received as a wild Cacatuoidesnot from importer but through someone else.
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    Fry breeding

    I've read about they have been known to start at a early age but this is a first for me, I have some Hongsloi fry five mo. old in a grow out tank with a adult female [temporary] that has gone a holed up in a coconut and filled the entrance with sand and the male she chose is about five times...
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    Wasting disease ?

    I have a agassizii female that is mabe a year old and she is just wasting away, her head is wide as normal but her body is very thin, I have been trying to put weight back on her but no luck, she eats frozen food and live readily but flake no so much. Is it a worm or parasite? If so what med...
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    F1 Viejita "Porto Gaitan" or Mac.?

    These were sold to me as Viejita, I have contacted the original importer and he tells me he imported them as a wild pair in march of last year, these came to me as F1's from the person who breed them. They dont look like my Mac's. [color or tail spot] but that really dont mean much. I was only...
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    Thank you

    For the BD wishes 63 now and cortachy more than before, the wife calls me a old curmudgeon.
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    A. Rio Xingu ?

    I was give these as Rio Xingu but can find little info on them, do these look like them? I'm not sure but are both of these female? Sorry for the crappy pict. but my camera is pretty basic.
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    A. bitaeniata

    I was given 6 of these the other day, the person that gave them to me says there Bits and he has no idea what type, the two males I have, I got from apistodave as a pair M/F but there not there males These look nothing like mine, do these look like Bitaeniata, and what type, also M/F ?
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    sexing youg

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    Macmasteri and Hongsloi

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    Tank size

    Hopefully next week I should be getting my pair of cacs. in, I have 1 female already. After QT will a 30 tall be enough room for one male and two females to breed in or would it be best to keep the females separate and just use the male between the two tanks?
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    vetral fins

    Do all apisto females have black on there ventral fins, in my case agassizii and Hongsloi, there about 1 1/4" long? I received 8 apistos 3 males and 5 females, bags were not marked, single fish per bag, now I'm trying to figure out what the females are.
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    Females in tank

    Can I house two female Hongsloi in one tank, and two agassizii females in another, or will they fight.
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    Mystery Apisto

    This was given to me as a male Hongsloi but it looks nothing like my Hongsloi, any ideas? Thaks.