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    West Africans in pond

    I once put an order in at a aquatics shop for some female P Rolofi. The following week they arrived and at first glance they had the same body as Female P.Rolofi but once in the tank to my surprise they where Enigmatochromis lucanusi female's but you can understand the confusion at the shop for...
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    Nanochromis splendens WC

    Yeah sometimes you get that in nano’s. it’s a shame you didn’t have much luck with them. Because when you have cracked the aggression side. And it dissipates you usually find that they are good parents and will keep on spawning. I hope to purchase some one day. If I do i’ll Let you know how I...
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    Nanochromis splendens WC

    Hi. where you ever successful in breeding your pair of N.Splendens. If so would love to see some pics please. Nanochromis are my favorite species. Phil.
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    New Fish room

    I am sure this topic has been done over and over again but I only ask because I know how technology moves on every year. I have built a Garage but solely for the use to have as a fish room, That's why the design of the garage was two walls thick, outside (Breeze Block) middle Cavity with...
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    Fish room images

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah I have been following Teds Site for a few years now. But was not aware that Swiss Tropicals even had a video of there fish room I thought he was concentrating more on his filter design than breeding fish, So maybe that's why he has taken it off the web. But thanks for...
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    Fish room images

    Is anybody willing to put some of there photo's of there fish room's on here ? The reason I ask is I need to be inspired for the new build I am planning to do in the spring. Or even does anybody know any youtube footage I can take a look at ? maybe something that I have never seen before. I...
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    Apistogramma cf. agassizii A239 'Pastel' ???

    Lovely Male love the blue on it. I bet they will sell well when the fry colour up!
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    New genus of West African cichlid

    So has Roloffi got a new genera then ? and if not why. Surrly Enigmatichromis and Roloffi must be of the same Genera.