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    exLamprologus ornatipinnis

    The ornatapinnis in Australia are no where as colourful as yours no yellow on the head.These appear not to allow multiple generations to grow up together unlike many other shellies,each batch has to be harvested Nice photos
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    H guttatus

    These fish were identified as H guttatus by Ted when they were young.They are a spectacular fish.Hard to beat and tough as nails
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    A. Black Chin/Schwarzkinn

    I bought mine as juruensis but they are stunning no matter what the name My male
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    Apisto borellii opal

    These are my borellii opal.The breed very readily and I agree with Mike the female looks very masculine
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    Red Forest jewel ID

    Thanks Randall,III ignore it
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    peat moss

    As a killi keeper I always assumed boiling the peat helped saturate it so it doesnt float all over he place when put in containers for the fish to spawn in.
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    Blue ram Wigglers!

    They are very senstive to poor water quality so the bigger and more established the tank the better they will go. Sqeezing a well established sponge filter into their tank releases lots of tiny bugs for them to eat if you havent got live culture
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    IBAMA list

    Can some explain to us down under what this list actually is??Excuse my ignorance
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    Apistoramma sp 'Apache' with Panda cory's ?

    From what Ive read C panda comes from the Rio Ucayali system of Peru which has an unusually high pH at 7.7.These fish seem very tolerant but maybe a softer water cory might be better.
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    S. tinanti LFS has...

    I have 5 tinantis(6-7cm) in a 3 ft tank with a few rainbows;3males and 2 females by the look (females are smaller) They scrap a bit but are not murderous and have paired up.Im not sure what will happen when fry arrive but for most cichlids Im betting they will get much more aggro
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    New guy from S.Africa

    Welcome I love A.panduro and find it quite hardy.The males are stunning A young viejita (macmasteri of course)even more hardy--- even bullet proof!!
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    Now this is more like it!

    If youve been a member of this forum for long you will soon get the axiom "community tanks are not breeding tanks" drummed into your psyche. Enjoy the activity but dont expect young fish to become part of it or any financial bonus.If you get a 3ft speices tank with a few dithers into it then...
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    Apistogramma Cacatuoides Fry

    Thats ineresting Ive spawned triple red caccas and aggas and the fry have been all over the place.Is that because the exporters chuck in any old females not the selectively bred stuff??
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    Apistogramma Cacatuoides Fry

    Do any of the commercial caccatuoides strains breed true??
  15. K

    Apistogramma Cacatuoides Fry

    Lovely male.You have to be aware these triple red and other selectively bred Caccas dont breed true and you will get all sorts of fin colouration(most really nice but different).Thats what Ive found with caccas and aggas of this type anyway
  16. K

    Red Forest jewel ID

    Thanks Ted Is there a reliable photo library of the Hemichromis forms,it seems even more confusing than taeniatus forms which I have to study up from time to time or I forget whats whats. Is this link at all accurate,its quite old now but has quite extensive info...
  17. K

    Red Forest jewel ID

    Ive always been abit confused about all the different types of jewel cichlids.This one has been bred consisently by a breeder for 10-12 years and is sold as H.lifalilli but according to the Sydnet cichlid group "at least six species, namely, H. guttatus (bimaculatus), H. lifalilli, H. cristatus...
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    haremic Apistos

    Im just wondering which group/groups of Apistos express haremic polygamy the best.Im keen to see this phenomena.I have quite a few of the njisseni group which I gather tend to form pairs
  19. K

    Help ID this apisto....

    That fish looks like a baenchi female but Mike will tell us:)
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    Dario Dario w/ Cacatuoides

    I chucked a couple of male Dario dario(that had murdered their females) into a raising tank with 25-30 forktail blue eyes (ravenous by any measure)and I was surprised that they have done well.I agree they look fabulous in a dark well planted tank but I think they are tougher than we might imagine