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  1. Clarky

    My apistogrammas keep dying (help)

    They were all female, except one. 3 hongsloi, 1 macmasteri, 1 double red. The tank is 175L, the place I work generally the rule is add up to 4 fish a week (we do fish and reptiles, now I kinda wish I just kept with my lizards, they're so much easier :( ), plus it's pretty spacey and each fish...
  2. Clarky

    My apistogrammas keep dying (help)

    Heya, I'm new to Apistos, and have recently set up a tank for them and a couple other fish (tank is a month old). I'm really having trouble with them, I started off with 5 and now only have 2, none of them looked particularly thin with no apparent diseases, however some hover in a corner of the...