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    uvc steriliser?

    Is this a shingle roof or metal? Don't know anything about the uvc steriliser, but if coming off a shingle roof I would not use it, I use rain water but it is off a metal roof.
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    Apistogramma Macmasteri Weird swimming

    Looks like you may have eggs, do you have brine shrimp or any other food to feed the young?
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    Opps. That happened faster than expected. Not ready.

    If your not ready to deal with fry than let nature take it's course and get everything together you need for next time, you might get a few to survive but I railey do, for me at best it might be 1 or 2. But if you want to save them, get brine shrimp going, the one thing I do [railey will I pull...
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    Apistogramma Viejita

    Same here, I still have some of the ones I got from you, now [F-2's], but no females.
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    My apistogrammas keep dying (help)

    I agree with Darrel, I read you post and the first thing that comes to my mind is the tank aged enough, and I don't think so [just me] after only a month, the spices you list are easy to keep if your tank is right, just my 2 cents.
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    Apisto eggs layed on substrate?

    I've never had them lay on the sand, but have one that every now and then lays on the glass behind the filter.
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    New to group (Wisconsin, USA)

    Welcome to the sight Jk331 and dws9876.
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    Black mosquito larvae

    I can relate to that.;)
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    Help with 1st apistogramma!

    Is your tank a 20 long or tall? I would set the tank up for a couple of months so it can stabilize [sp] and age before introducing the apisto's, but that's just the way I do it. Any of the three should do fine, I lean more for the the Borellii, but it's my favorite.
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    Apisto cacatouides breeding pair issues

    I agree with Apistomaster, I have done this before with mine. But I rearrange the tank then add the female and add the male about four weeks later.
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    Wen I get to many, I crush some against glass an let my fish have them.
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    New here

    Welcome to the sight.
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    Beautiful A. agassizii pair

    Nice. nice
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    Neon and platinum tetras fry safe?

    I agree, I take all males out at some point and let the female raise the fry and recuperate, and keep them in there own separate tanks till needed again. Good luck.
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    Neon and platinum tetras fry safe?

    I would set the new tank up for the male agassizii if you want to breed, I have two pairs [aggie's] that have no problem eating there own fry if I don't get the male out in time, and I have another pair that have no problem with fry in the tank [last three batches], next batch they may go nut's...
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    Water Hardness for Breeding Apisto?

    Your water is almost the same as mine, mine being a little lower. I breed the Mac's, Cac's and the Aggii's in mine with no problem. But on your water you say 0 on nitrates, how long has the tank been running?
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    Apisto chasing corys

    Probably not, right now I think she is just getting her pecking order down. I would say yes.
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    A. Panduro sex identification

    If you want fry, get rid of the blk. neon's. I use them in my 40gal. and 50gal. just for fry control and they are very good at it.
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    Hello from Israel

    Welcome AlexL, ``````````````
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    Borellii sexing.

    I think two males also.