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    West African fish lovers rejoice!

    Awesome. Can't wait to see list!!
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    Coconut shells

    great tip!
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    Current in stock... Nov 26

    This may sound stupid but, on Thanksgiving , I am thankful Ted brought in some cool fish. Can't wait to get my shipment next week! :)
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    Deal of the Day

    Hey Jeff did you have any of the stuff I emailed you on last week? Keith Chitwood
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    new software

    working now. thanks.
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    new software

    when i log in i can`t see any post ? when i am a guest i can't post. Keith
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    That is correct Mike. But i think i will use the poret foam between the crate and glass for a better seal and i hope look.
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    Thanks Mike. Good idea.
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    Yeah of course I really already knew this but wanted to fool myself. I think what I will do is provide a divider to a small part of tank that fry can swim to. The "smart" sword fry will figure it out and I can save some. thanks everyone! Keith
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    looking for opinions here..... OK, they might not be dwarfs, but they are close. I just got a very nice group of Mesonauta acora. The males are huge! Over 6" ! My question is if I put them in a 100 gal tank (6 feet long) how heavy would the predate on swordtails? I have my X. cortezi in...
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    Full Boa Vista Trip

    Hudson, I want to thank you for sharing your trips and finds with us. The hobby is lucky to have you in Brazil, going out exploring and sharing with us! Keith
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    P. roloffi

    So it's been a while now, any more news on where this new "location" of roloffi might be coming from? I don't know of a river or town named Samba in West Africa? Keith
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    London Fish Stores

    Thanks. I ll add those spots to our MAP and see what I can get to. We will be in London the whole time(5 days) so no chance for Liverpool this time! Keith
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    London Fish Stores

    I will be in London, England in June. I'd love to visit a few Aquarium Stores. Can anyone recommend a few not to be missed stores? Thanks, Keith
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    This thread is exactly why I am happy that apistogramma.com exist! Thanks to all involved in the discussion. And hopes that the OP post soon that he has tons of healthy fry! Keith Chitwood
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    Raleigh NC Fish Auction Sept 25

    Gerald that is an awesome lineup! I'm putting in on my schedule now! Keith
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    Looking for Driftwood

    Of course. I'll email Jeff tonight. Thanks for reminding me Ted. Keith
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    Looking for Driftwood

    Hi All! I am looking for a good source for driftwood. I need quite a bit. I have several 40 gallon breeder tanks and a 100 gallon that I need wood for. If anyone has a good source please share. You can reply here or PM me or email me at [email protected] Thanks, Keith
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    FS -- Tilapia joka juvies F2, shipping available

    Janos fish are top notch and these are great fish if anyone is looking for a Tilapia species to work with. Keith C
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    P. roloffi

    I just got 3 pairs of the "samba" and 2 pairs of 'kolente', looking forward to seeing them color up after the settle in. Nice to be back in the Pelvicachromis game after loosing most of mine the last couple of years. P. roloffi has always been my favorite species of the genus. KC