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    Ro system

    RO water goes into the bucket with enough Brightwell remineralization powder to get TDS to 125-175. Into that I stick a 100 watt Bulk Reef Supply titanium heater and in about 30 minutes you have some pleasantly warm water to stick back in the tank.
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    Dicrossus maculatus sexing

    That one bottom right of the last pic looks like it has a good chance it's a female based on the head shape and lining. I used the below to sex my group of 5: https://cichlidae.com/article.php?id=439 Per my eyes I thought I had 4 males and one female. Ended up with two males and three...
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    Random Apisto

    The male, nose to tip of tail extensions, is about 4cm. His caudal spot situation:
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    Random Apisto

    Fins out on the "female"
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    Random Apisto

    Thanks Frank. The first pic is what I thought might have a chance of being a female. Round in shape and the big male and him/her like to hang out. Second pic is what I'm pretty sure is a subadult male. Neither of the other two like him. Third pic is of the "female" flared. It's amazing...
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    Random Apisto

    Best I can do for now:
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    Random Apisto

    Thank you for the encouraging words. After poking around for brevis group species - this is the closest looking thing I've found: https://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/apistogramma-sp-breitbinden/
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    Random Apisto

    Kind of wish they came in a can so I could stick them back in. They aren't turning out to be quite as exciting as the thing I thought I purchased :oops:
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    Random Apisto

    Thank you guys. Seems I got one elizabethae and three mystery apistos... Will check back in once they have grown out a bit.
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    Random Apisto

    Ordered four A. elizabethae several months ago. Out of that I appear to have a pair and a spare male. But I also have this fourth fellow - it appears to be a female of another species. Any idea what the forth one might be? The elizabethae aren't particularly fond of him/her, and vice versa.
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    SF Bay Area: Dicrossus maculatus

    Hi folks. I started with 5 dicro maculatus juvies 6 months ago. I very clearly have two males and recently a dominant female emerged. So the dominant male and dominant female are now on their own. I'm left with three dicros that need a new home (if your local). One is obviously a male, one is...
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    Anyone in the SF Bay Area in need of two Tefe Red Back females?

    Have two Apisto El Tefe Red Back females that need a new home. Free to experienced apisto keeper.
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    looking for rare apistos

    You just missed elizabethae at Aqua Imports. They have a notify when in stock alert.
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    Where to find wild apistogramma pairs for sale?

    The Wet Spot in Oregon has a decent selection of pairs and is shipping