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    should i ever clean a sponge filter?

    How do you clean your sponge filter? Squeezing out excess crud ok. Rinsing in dechlorinated water ok.
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    Do you discard the dying parts of anacharis?

    I vote cut and replant. Alternatively you may want to consider some other plants that provide the same function. Valisineria or Sagittaria or Cryptocoryne
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    How to decrease pH?

    What decorations do you have in your tank? Maybe you are using certain rocks that are buffering the pH?
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    Clay like substrate

    A lot of U.S. folks who focus on planted tanks use "Turface" as its cheap, looks sort of natural, and is the "baked clay" discussed above (though will need to do several water changes to get rid of the "dust"). Below is a link to Amazon, but you can probably find it much cheaper at a garden...
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    Bloodworms ok for cacatuoides?

    In a YouTube video, Wattley discus advises not to feed bloodworms more than once a week as it can lead to hole-in-the-head. Any indication that the same thing happens to apistos?
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    Filter or no filter

    Yes you can have a tank with no filter if you do a lot of water changes. But I would use a sponge filter.
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    Hello from Appalachian Maryland!

    Welcome! Where in MD? It may be a little drive, but you know of the fish clubs CCA and PVAS?
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    Hello from Palmyra VA

    Welcome from Fairfax VA. What about collecting snow and/or rain water for soft water?
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    Is this a female Agassizii DR?

    What are the reddish plants? Do you use CO2? High light?
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    Multiple male apistos in quarantine tank

    I think Plan B is ok based on what Mike has suggested in the past on community tanks. Maybe start with Plan B and if you notice one male being overly aggressive than use the divider for that one?
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    Need explanation please?

    If you have a dehumidifier or have an central air conditioning unit, could you use the water created from them as soft water?
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    Need advice please???

    With all this rain and Florence on the way, if you collect the rain water you should be good for a year of water changes.
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    Greetings from Tucson, Arizona USA

    Reverse Osmosis [water]. Tucson has very hard water, and most apistos prefer soft water. Where are you from?
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    Craigslist or your fish club is where you can get equipment cheap
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    Greetings from Hazy Hot and Humid Richmond Va!!!

    Greetings from DC. You’re not too far. You should come up for a CCA or PVAS meeting. The Catfish Convention is in October.
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    Apistos and plecos.

    Another concern may be what you are feeding. Though L134 are carnivorous, too much meaty food may lead to bloat issues. This is more of an issue with discus and beef heart.
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    Hello from sunny (and hot) Arizona

    What do you do for water? AZ water is liquid rock
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    Contaminant fish are fun!

    What did you buy this as (what is this supposed to be)?
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    Quarantine tank advice for new fish

    1) 4 weeks. Longer better 2) generally no (eg not wild caught)
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    Hello from Virginia

    Welcome from Vienna VA, just outside of DC. The Potomac Valley Aquarium Society has it's all day auction on April 8, and there may be some apistos available (check back for list of items up for auction): http://pvas.com/Home/ModuleID/1964/ItemID/72/mctl/EventDetails There's also the Capital...