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  1. Drayden Farci

    Buying Tucano Tetra

    Any fish you buy from any source ever will have been transported via air at some point in its lineage. And every source is different. By the time these miniscule fish get to Wet Spot, they would be dead if they had significant issues. I took mine home and immediately fed them flake food. I can...
  2. Drayden Farci

    Buying Tucano Tetra

    You're better off checking places like The Wet Spot who typically gets them in 2-4x a year. I still have 1x from them that's probably 5 years old and loved through a literal cross-country move and many tanks.
  3. Drayden Farci

    Apistogramma Agassizii Double Red looks yellowish

    He looks perfectly colorful to me. If you're comparing him to photos on the web, be cautious as many are overexposed and keep in mind fish are like any other organism where a specific batch will have some that are more red, orange, or yellow (like my brother's hair is lighter brown than mine)...
  4. Drayden Farci

    Need Help Identifying These Apisto Please - Tank 37

    If you're in the US, would be interested in where you are as that species is lovely.
  5. Drayden Farci

    Looking for Ortegai, Alto Tapiche, and Bitaeniata. Located in Western New York State.

    Imperial Tropicals may have Alto Tapiche. If they are out, they'll likely have more soon.
  6. Drayden Farci

    Looking for Confirmation on Softener/RO Unit Set-Up

    When would the flushing occur? - Before or After using it to fill a holding tank? - Before or After using it to fill a glass of water? When is the "optimal" time to flush, and would flushing less frequently offset the "advantages" of using previously-conditioned water that is free from...
  7. Drayden Farci

    Looking for Confirmation on Softener/RO Unit Set-Up

    I did some very brief research and didn't find much, but I haven't revisited. I'm planning to get an RO unit from the same person selling the softener, so I'm not sure of the model, but if the back-flush technology can be applied to any unit, I'm all for learning more. Do you have any links to...
  8. Drayden Farci

    A. Elizabethae sex??

    The one on the left at 0:41 seems female, and the right is certainly male. Based on their size, I think you've got a good shot at a pair.
  9. Drayden Farci

    Looking for Confirmation on Softener/RO Unit Set-Up

    Just to follow up, most of the sources I found have stated to place the RO unit after the water softener to prolong the life of the membranes. I only found one person who postulated that the smaller ion size would have a negative effect overall. I could easily add a bypass as well, as the...
  10. Drayden Farci

    Looking for Confirmation on Softener/RO Unit Set-Up

    Yes, and I have a big rain barrel that's currently sitting full of water. That said, it hasn't rained for probably a month now. Between May and October it rains enough to provide water for changes, however I'm hesitant to use it. Would I need to run it through any filters prior to using? I don't...
  11. Drayden Farci

    Looking for Confirmation on Softener/RO Unit Set-Up

    I have a 33 Long and a few smaller tanks. I generally perform frequent, smaller changes rather than infrequent, larger ones. Generally I'll pull 2 gallons out, replace it with 2 new gallons, pull 2 gallons out again, replace, etc. Great, sounds good! I'm totally fine without extra trouble of...
  12. Drayden Farci

    Looking for Confirmation on Softener/RO Unit Set-Up

    Been a while since my college chemistry classes, and I've never had to mess with water chemistry before moving. A little advice is appreciated! Just purchased a home in Florida, USA. Water is basically liquid rock, with high limestone, Ca, Fe, etc. feeding into the city water. I plan on getting...
  13. Drayden Farci

    Gold tetra conundrum

    Nice! I've also seen P. simulans, P. axelrodi, Hyp. erythrostigma, Hyphessobrycon sp. "Super Red Line", and a few others that I cannot recall. It's fun to post them on the subreddit r/ShiniesIRL (for the non-Pokemon fans out there, a "Shiny Pokemon" is one that has an alternate color pattern...
  14. Drayden Farci

    looking for rare apistos

    I echo sentiments for Wet Spot. They do a great job attempting to sex even the small ones. You might also keep an eye on Imperial Tropicals. I know for a fact that they are actively breeding and raising the following, with some being available for purchase now and some only just starting a few...
  15. Drayden Farci

    Elephant Nose Fish

    As in mormyrid types? I would never risk it. Those things are super aggressive when they want to be.
  16. Drayden Farci

    How can I identify good botanicals?

    In my experience, make sure the fronds or leaves are certainly dried, then use only part of it the tank during a period when you are able to monitor. I have used dried palm fronds before with success. However, one time I put too much in at once, or perhaps they were not completely dried and...
  17. Drayden Farci

    Apistogramma jumping

    My LFS lost half a batch of atahualpa the same way. Top rack and came in the next morning to find 20 on the floor. No idea what spooked them, but could've been shadows presumably.
  18. Drayden Farci

    apistogramma ID

    Hybrid? I once had a batch of A. rositae (wild) that spawned shortly before the male passed. The resulting fry looked like A. rositae but according to the person I gave them to (7 fish, equal sexes approx.) they never had success spawning. They assumed they were hybrids. I don't know all the...
  19. Drayden Farci

    Can I keep A. borelli and ~8 Nannostomus marginatus in 64l (16 gal)? in

    Yes, they will be fine. Nannostomus have tiny mouths and I doubt they would be able to bother the fry.
  20. Drayden Farci

    apistogramma ID

    I was leaning towards a male nijsseni-group but the colors are very odd. I've not seen anything like this before. Posting to be notified when someone more experienced replies ;)