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  1. Hellfishguy

    Dicrossus maculatus sexing

    In my experience if there is a trace of a pattern on the caudal fin in young fish they always turn out to be males. Female D. maculatus develop red anal fins, as opposed to D. filamentosus, which have red ventrals.
  2. Hellfishguy

    Agassizii infertility?

    My tap water is very soft - 31 ppm TDS. I've bred many species of Apistogramma without encountering this problem. The only similar case was a pair of A. macmaster which never produced fry, former inhabitants of the same tank the agassizii are living in now. This tank, unlike any of my others...
  3. Hellfishguy

    Agassizii infertility?

    Back in June I acquired a young pair of Apistogramma agassizii Blue Flame. Since then, they've grown into spectacular specimens, but so far no fry. The female shows brood care behavior but abandons the cave after a few days. On two occasions what appear to be fungused eggs have shown up outside...
  4. Hellfishguy

    Nannacara anomala

    I’ve found that sibling males raised together usually get on very well, even when breeding.
  5. Hellfishguy

    Exchanging stocking

    You might want to give Crenuchus spilurus a try. They’re cave spawners like Apistogrammas, very hardy and usually quite inexpensive. I kept mine with 3 Discrossus filamentosus males, whichI later rehomed, as I was unable to locate any females.
  6. Hellfishguy

    Apistogramma agassizii Blue Flame

    Ordinarily, I prefer wild-type fish over man-made strains, but - wowza!
  7. Hellfishguy

    Beautiful A. agassizii pair

    Va va voom!
  8. Hellfishguy

    Laetacara ID

    Body shape is also an indicator. Curviceps are more elongated as opposed to the stockier dorsigera. In addition, fully grown curviceps males have very long ventral fins. The two species are actually fairly easy to differentiate if you know what to look for.
  9. Hellfishguy

    Laetacara ID

    Definitely curviceps. The white edge on the rear of the dorsal plus the lack of a red breast during breeding confirms it.
  10. Hellfishguy

    Need help sexing Laetacara Araguaiae

    The difference in fully grown adults is very apparent. Males are substantially larger with nuchal humps. In my stock, however, there was never much difference in fin length between the sexes.
  11. Hellfishguy

    Less aggressive apisto

    I have some F2 cacatuoides Rio Nanay growing out. There are Epiplatys dageti in with them as dithers, which are usually ignored,
  12. Hellfishguy

    How do these 3 month old Macmasteri Redneck look?

    I would sell unsexed juvies in groups of 6 or 7 or pairs if I was absolutely sure of their sex on Aquabid before shipping became a nightmare thanks to the pandemic. I'd also donate to local aquarium society auctions to help support the clubs & bragging rights. At one point my hobby became...
  13. Hellfishguy


    Update: One of my runts has developed a unique coloration (the burgundy patches). He’s fathered many young and my hope is they’ll reach full size and inherit his appearance.
  14. Hellfishguy

    Nannacara anomala age of maturity

    Nannacara anomala sex out when they’re fairly young, at about an inch long. Males have metallic scales on their sides, females are always matte.
  15. Hellfishguy

    Infertile male?

    Same conditions as always. I had the pair separated for a few weeks when they weren’t getting along, & after I removed the divider none of the eggs were viable.
  16. Hellfishguy

    Infertile male?

    I have a pair of Laetacara araguaiae that was born in November 2019. They spawn every week or so & formerly produced many young. Lately, however, all of the eggs turn white soon after spawning. Can this be remedied or is my male permanently infertile?
  17. Hellfishguy


    A while back I had a large spawn of wild Apistogramma cacatuoides. After eventually rehoming the larger specimens I discovered about a dozen much smaller individuals remaining in the grow-out tank. Since then they've grown somewhat & have begun to produce fry, although at over a year old they're...
  18. Hellfishguy

    Buying Dicrossus filamentosus females in NYC

    I somehow ended up with all males; I'd like to purachase at least 2 definite females. I'm located in Brooklyn.
  19. Hellfishguy

    Sneaker male or colorful female macmasteri?

    Yep. I don't have any doubts about the sex of that one.
  20. Hellfishguy

    Sneaker male or colorful female macmasteri?

    The ventrals are always yellow. The male attempts to court it instead of trying to kill it.