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  1. Josh

    Hello from Germany

    Welcome to the forum @Eddy. E.
  2. Josh

    Hello all from the US

    Heyyyy welcome to the community! Beautiful fish
  3. Josh

    A question about Black Rams commercial names

    "dark phased ram"?
  4. Josh

    Add a pair with a solo female?

    Your LFS is selling them as pairs only? Have you asked for the solo price?
  5. Josh

    Add a pair with a solo female?

    @pablo welcome to the forum! any breeding pair is gonna wish like hell that they were alone. so in a way yes there will definitely be issues with the odd-female-out. if the tank is large enough you may be able to reduce those issues to near-negligible but in general it's not a great idea. of...
  6. Josh

    Screen half cover by adds

    Also, overdoing ads is a concern of mine so I don't want anyone to feel unheard. If you are really seeing 50% of your screen taken by ads please send a screenshot to [email protected] so I can work on a solution. There's a give and a take here
  7. Josh

    Screen half cover by adds

    As Yvonne mentioned, for a scant $10USD per year you can support Apistogramma.com and get an ad-free browsing experience. Ad blockers are great and all @MacZ @Getoffmylawn but the site costs money to run, yknow?
  8. Josh

    I'm Debra

    Just dropping in to say welcome!
  9. Josh

    Custom made tank

    8mm should be fine. go to 9mm if you have the means and are feeling prudent
  10. Josh

    Juveniles everywhere!

    Try your local fish club. Where are you located? Will your LFS take them if they're free?
  11. Josh

    What are these?!?

    Wow. Nice camera shot too. I'd have a hell of a time capturing those. Did you remove them?
  12. Josh

    Borellii female ID check

    Gorgeous fish. Sorry I'm not much help for gender identification :)
  13. Josh

    Cacatuoides pair reintroduction suggestions

    I struggle with this too because a "crowded" tank isn't as immediately appealing to the eye. I do love Darrel's tanks as something I could pull a chair up to though and stare into discovering new stuff all the time
  14. Josh

    Apistogramma Borellii Community-ish Tank

    beautiful tank! It looks great!
  15. Josh

    new to apistos and other dwarf cichs

    Welcome to the forum! I dunno if I'd want my apistos spawning with all those tankmates present. You will lose a ton of eggs and/or fry, don't you think?
  16. Josh

    Kribensis fry, water changes and more

    If you're just treating tap water, I prefer to use the simpler dechlorinator like DECHLOR (https://smile.amazon.com/Weco-Instant-Dechlor-Aquarium-Conditioner/dp/B0002DHYR2/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=%22dechlor%22&qid=1608607761&sr=8-2) Prime, IMHO, tries to do too much and can complicate...
  17. Josh

    Nijsseni fry question

    You can try to extend it but you know the risk if you wait too long...
  18. Josh

    leaf matter

    Yeah I would be very careful here when experimenting with new plant leaves. Maybe experiment on a betta tank or something similar and then try it on your big tank. I can't imagine coping with the loss if something happens!
  19. Josh

    Homemade frozen food

    There are some here but this site looks woefully outdated so tread lightly. https://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/food_recipes.php I'd go with shrimp, cod, peas, greens, fish vitamins. play with the textures in a food processor until you get something like a loose paste that you can put into an...
  20. Josh

    Emails Fixed!

    I'll take a look and see what we can do