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  1. Aquaticloch

    Apistogramma ID needed. Maybe Velifera?

    Hello all, I picked up a pair from my LFS of a species I could not identify. This store has always atrocious labeling which I help them out with, these were labeled as "Hoignei" and "Megaptera." I believe them to be some kind of pertensis species and maybe velifera. I do know that these guys...
  2. Aquaticloch

    Apistogramma Sp. Eunotus?

    Hello everyone, I have found these fish at my local fish store and have been tempted to get them, but I'd like to know the species before i get them. I have taken a few photos of the male and beleive they resemble an Eunotus type fish, however I'm unsure if they are the same species and what...
  3. Aquaticloch

    "Rio Orinoco Biotope" (20 Gallon long) advice.

    Hello everyone, I am doing a project for my school that is going to be a Biotope aquarium, particularly the Columbian section of this river. I will be using a dense layer of leaf litter and alder cones to help get my water parameters down to blackwater conditions, if anyone has photos of this...
  4. Aquaticloch

    Apistogramma iniridae?

    Hello all, I just yesterday aquarired a pair of what I think is either uaupesi, or iniridae. They were sold as wild caught “hongsloi” which is incorrect and I saw some others in a tank with wild caught “hoignei” which I believe to have been macmasteri, I purchased a male and what I thought was...
  5. Aquaticloch

    what to do about Macmasteri fry

    Hello everyone, my macmasteri pair have finally got it correct and the eggs have hatched! :D I have about 20 free swimming fry in my aquarium, this is all very exciting for me but the female gets very distracted, coming up to the glass and trying to chase the male etc. I know this is the first...
  6. Aquaticloch

    does my macmasteri have a parasite?

    hello everyone, my female mac has a very dipped stomach but doesn't seem to be exhibiting any signs of distress and is eating well. Parameters are fine, nothing has changed recently but i have noticed how concave her stomach has become. I'm very concerned that she has a parasite, should i treat...
  7. Aquaticloch

    are Magnolia denudata and Magnolia x soulangeana leaves safe for aquaria?

    hey all, I am looking for a good leaf for my aquariums that can be found readily near where i live. I know many on this forum have used m.grandiflora leaves before in blackwater tanks, but i am wondering if Magnolia denudata and Magnolia x soulangeana can also be used, because the shape of...
  8. Aquaticloch

    Pair Displaying Breeding Behaviour?

    Hello everyone, my a.macmasteri pair have been together in a 20 gallon high for maybe 4 months now, and they display to each other quite often and she sometimes displays breeding dress, it has happened a few times and the female hides away somewhere for 2-3 days but never emerges with fry...
  9. Aquaticloch

    best apistogramma for 15 gallon

    Hello everyone, i'm looking for an apisto that does best in pairs and could fit in this diminutive aquarium. The aquarium would be run with an aquaponics system and the dimensions would be 20" x 10" x 18" or 50 x 25 x 45 cm. Are there any less common fish that would be suitable for this...
  10. Aquaticloch

    alder cones and oak leaves

    hello everyone, I recently collected upwards of 1000 alder cones. Is there a specific method of usage and drying? how often do I change them etc, also would maple leaves be considered safe for my aquaria? thanks
  11. Aquaticloch

    substrate excavation infront of cave?

    hey all, my pair of macmasteri has a chosen cave (i think), there is a divit infront of it, its maybe 1 cm deep and 4 cm wide. I have seen these created to hold bolivian ram fry, by bolivian rams parents. I was not aware that this was done by apistos especially macs. Will they move the fry into...
  12. Aquaticloch

    best ph for breeding macs?

    Hello everyone, i have had a pair of macmasteri in a "breeding aquarium" with a lazy Guppy with back problems. i've had the fish in there for 2 months and have multiple caves and hides for them. My ph currently is 6.9 i am wondering because macmasteri are an apistogramma that is very...
  13. Aquaticloch

    sold as 2 males, or are they pair of macmasteri?

    hello all recently my lfs got in a shipment of all male macmasteri. i saw the fish and i picked out one sleeper male which i thought was a female i am still unsure on this fact. could someone help me identify them, i am concerned i have 2 males instead of a pair. thanks for any input
  14. Aquaticloch

    harassed a.Agassizii female

    Hey all, i have a 20h aquarium with a trio of apistogramma agassizii fire gold one female is extremely dominant and i have one female being picked on. the male has stopped chasing the dominant female and kind of swims after the less dominate female on occasion. They are in a tank with one...
  15. Aquaticloch

    What to do about male Agassizii chasing female?

    Hello everyone I have been lurking on this website for almost a year now. I have gotten some Apistogramma agassizii “fire gold var.” I bought a pair for my 20h, it’s a community aquarium with a few tetra. I could move most of my fish to a bolivian ram aquarium if need be. The aquarium is heavily...