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    Breeding advice

    I havent been on here for quite a while but I am coming back for some help. I have had a few apistos these last few year but mostly males. I decided I want to try breeding them. I have a pair of macmasterri in a 60 by 30 by 30 tank that is quite mature(probably a year/year and a half) This pair...
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    Macmasteri Apistogramma female chasing male

    Hello everyone My female mac is chasing my male after I did a waterchange and fed some frozen food. Is it agression. On a side note, how likely are the macs to jump?
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    Need help on Id-ying fish

    Hi everyone I havent been on here for quite a time. I need some help to id a fish. I would day tetra but what species? And I just got them so how will they look when colored up qnd settled in?
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    Tank mate for apistogramma borelli

    Hi Havent been her for a while as I gave up apistogramma when my second one died when I was away and the care taker over fed. But I think I maybe want jump back on the horse. I have one 60 l hea planted tank and as in HEAVY. Fish in there are ottos Pygmy cories and this is what I am not sure...
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    Can I keep dwarf rasbora with my apistogramma mac

    Can I keep dwarf rasbora or celestial pearl danios in a 17 gallon with 1 male Mac
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    Setup for breeding

    Hi I am getting 2 25 gallon tanks and was wondering if it would be possible to set it up like this, First tank Apistogramma Mac pair with 3 ottos and a small schooling fish as dither ( what would work that is a bit more common) 2 tank mac babies (small amount)and maybe try to breed...
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    How many tank are needed to breed macs

    How many tanks do you need to breed macs I already have a male in a heavily planted 17 gallons how many other tanks do I need to keep them until a selling point
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    Micro worms and other live foods

    Will fully grown apistogramma eat micro worms and what other live foods are there to culture that are easy Thanks in advance and sorry that I am posting so much today
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    Are these fish constipated

    Hi I have these 5 dwarf neon rainbow fish with my mac and they all have these poop stuck in them What could it be and what should I do In have already lost a female that also looked like this but she also had major diformities
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    How to make your apistogramma less shy

    I got my new apistogramma a day ago after my last apistogramma hongsloi jumped out of my tank. He has Not come out a lot. I do have dither fish in the tank but he is staying at the same spot behind one of the plants If any of you have suggestions on how to make him less shy please tell me
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    How many dwarf neon rainbow fish

    How many dwarf neon rainbow fish can you put in a 17 gallon if you can Only tank mates are 1 male apistogramma hongsloi
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    Dwarf neon rainbow fish

    Can I keep 6 dwarf neon rainbow fish in 17 gallons with one male apistogramma
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    Apistogramma tank

    Hi I want your opinion on this tank I want to set up female and male apistogramma hongsloi breeding 4 ottos 7 dwarf pencilfish a heavily planted tank fine sand When the apistogramma breed I will take out the fry and put them in a different tank Would this be possible and what would you add...
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    Apistogramma jumping

    Hi Is it commen for apistogramma hongsloi to jump I found him dried up on the floor He was my First apistogramma so that is not the best start but detirmined to keep going
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    Breeding siblings

    Can you breed sibling apistogramma hongsloi
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    First apistogramma

    Hi I just got my first apistogramma It is a juvenile hongsloi iii super red and was added to the tank today and was just wondering if it is not maybe a female I am super excited for these apistogramma I am also getting a female in about 1-2 months and want to take a shot at breeding them I...
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    Can you get the male before the female

    Hi I want to get apistogramma hongsloi but they only have males at the moment they are still quite small woul it be possible to get the male and later to get the female if so how big is the time gap for hongsloi before the cant breed any more
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    Hi I just found a local breeder selling macmasteri and hongsloi form iii what d you guys think I should get keep in mind I want to breed them
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    How do you guys acclimate your fish and introduce it to the tank
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    Paring apistogramma

    Should you put a few juveniles together so They make pairs or will they breed if you just put a male and a female together ?