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  1. Wazaaaa

    What's next ?

    Hello, I hesitate to add a new species in my biotope tank of 300 liters which is focused on the A.sp Miuá, at the moment inside this is 4 Apistogramma and 15 Nannostomus unifasciatus, I wish to have a reproduction of Apistogramma but without more, I am not focused on it, if you an idea of a...
  2. Wazaaaa

    dorsal fin

    Here is a picture of my dominant male (WC Apistogramma sp Miua) I would have liked to know if this dorsal fin will stay like that or will eventually develop ?
  3. Wazaaaa

    Apistogramma sp miua - sexing

    Hello, Can anyone tell me if this is a female or a male please ? (sorry for the picture quality but it's really small)
  4. Wazaaaa

    Apistogramma sp Miuá (WC) freshly arrived 48 hours ago

    Small videos, young Apistogramma sp Miuá (WC) freshly arrived 48 hours ago, I am happy the acclimatization went well
  5. Wazaaaa

    Apistogramma sp Miuá (wild)

    Here are some pictures of the young Apistogramma sp Miuá (wild) Freshly arrived not yet 48h ago
  6. Wazaaaa


    Hello, I have a problem with a purchase from a couple of A.Mendezi, the person in question sold all the males, I had set my water equivalent to his 50us, so I'm going to leave on 4 Apistogramma sp Miua WC from Glaser, which have a water to generally are the following: pH 6.5 to 6.8, 300 to 450...
  7. Wazaaaa

    Oak extract

    Hello I would like to lower my pH, 2 days ago I added peat (tormec activ from JBL) inside the sock directly in the tank. Neutral sand, neutral stone (granite and basalt), pozzolan (jbl) ph7 under the sand only on the right side, osmosis water My parameters: pH 7 Kh 3 Gh 2 Conductivity 60us The...
  8. Wazaaaa

    Apistogramma Mendezi maintenance

    Hello, I have been inquiring for a while about the maintenance of the Apistogramma Mendezi, I know that it takes 4.5 / 5 Ph, GH KH 1/2 (a thing of kind), an ideal temprature of 26 * C but what is the ideal measurement in microsiemens [μS]? 50 ? 80 ? Thanks in advance. Ps: If you have advice on...
  9. Wazaaaa

    Apistogram mendezi

    Hello, I would like to know if this apistogramma mendezi is from the river barcelos ? I only have this picture of the store.
  10. Wazaaaa

    Project: Forest creek near Barcelos, Rio Negro tributaries in Brazil

    Hey all. Description of equipment: Aquarium Optiwhite 120x50x50 2x Kessil A160 Tuna sun (soon) 1 external filter Eheim pro 4+ 350T (soon) Decorations: Sapucaia pod, Coconut Spathe, Igarapé wood, Magnolia leaves, birch stems, Cariniana Pod, Milkoji Oronico like sand. Fish list...
  11. Wazaaaa

    Apistogramma mendezi "Santa isabella" quarantine setup

    Good evening / Hello, I plan to buy 3 or 4 Apistogramma mendezi "Santa isabella" (to have a chance to have a couple) and put them in quarantine in an aquarium of 64 litres, to be able to put them later in my aquarium of 300 litres, my question is what should I put in the aquarium of quarantine...
  12. Wazaaaa

    Which apistogramma to choose for an Igarapé do Daracua biotope ?

    Good evening, I am a young Frenchman in search of information to reproduce the biotope Igarapé do Daracua in an aquarium of 300 liters (120x50x50) my question is what apistogramma for a biotope Igarapé do Daracua ? I can't find any information, except Apistogramma Mendezi...