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  1. Frank Hättich

    SA-MAD meeting 2022

    Fot all interested in Dwarf Cichlids this is the place to be from 25.-27. March! You can register here: www.sa-mad.com/Registration-meeting
  2. Frank Hättich

    A Description of Apistogramma Species-Groups by Mike Wise (2020)

    Mike Wise’s famous article A Description of Apistogramma Species-Groups from April 2011, has undergone a major update. It has been completely revisited and considerably enlarged by descriptions of all species groups/complexes/subcomplexes added within the last decade. It is published on TomC's...
  3. Frank Hättich

    New article about A. sp. Mitu (D6) on www.tomc.no

    The worlds best Apisto-website has published a new article: "Long time ago! – Apistogramma sp. "Mitu" back in Europe after 26 years" by F. Hättich, U. Römer, D. Mejia and T. Christoffersen
  4. Frank Hättich

    A. sp. D50 - another larvophilous mouthbrooder from Colombia

    The fourth larvophilous mouthbrooder within the genus and the second one that has recently been found in Colombia (the other one is A. sp. D10). So far it seems that only the females are involved in mouthbrooding (like in A. megastoma and A. sp. D10). Moutbrooding... ... and with fry:
  5. Frank Hättich

    Hello from Germany

    Hi all, after a long break from aquaristics I have recently set up 3 tanks in order to return to my old love Apistogramma! Here's a picture of my tanks, each is 39x40x30cm: After the tanks had been cycling for 6 weeks, I put some Nannostomus marginatus and Otocinclus (hoppei?) in...