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  1. fyrefish

    Apisto chasing corys

    Hey, I've had my solo female apistogramma panduro in a 33gal tank for a while now (on her own) and today I decided to add 6 albino cories. I really like them, they're really cool fish and settling in quite well. However, the apisto seems to be chasing them. Not as in hunting, but kind of chasing...
  2. fyrefish

    Anyone know of some high quality videos of apistos sifting through sand?

    I see my apisto sifting sand through its gills a lot and it is really cool behavior to see. I often will crush up pellet food and scatter it across the sand a bit to the fish can sift through to find it. It's always a bit hard to see though, and I haven't been able to get a good video myself, so...
  3. fyrefish

    33gal tank

    Hi, I wanted to share my 33gal tank which is finally cycled, been waiting a long time to give my apisto a new home, and wanted to share it. I'm still waiting for some wood to sink and some plants to grow in more, I got a few new plants today. I've gone wild with the crypts, about 4-5 of what I...
  4. fyrefish

    What to now?

    Hi, Unfortunately, my male apistogramma died last night from dropsy. I tried my best to treat it, but it was a pretty harsh ilness for my first time treating a fish. However, there is one problem. I am left with a singular female. I know people keep community tanks with a single male and other...
  5. fyrefish

    Help with treating dropsy

    Hi, Unfortunately, my male apistogramma panduro has gotten dropsy, and I was looking for tips to treating him. Unfortunately, there is very little dropsy medication available in Australia, so I am using melafix. He has been in a qt tank for about a day with a bit of epsom salt. I got the melafix...
  6. fyrefish

    Female being aggressive?

    As opposed to a post I made in the past about my male apistogramma panduro being aggressive towards the female, now the opposite is happening!?! The female chases the male and makes him hide behind the heater, the same way she did. Idk what to do, he is breathing heavily but looks fine...
  7. fyrefish

    plant care in an apisto tank

    Hey, I have now mostly solved my filter problem. It only leaks when the power is off and the taps are unlocked. My solution for this is to drill a small hole in the intake just below the water level, so if the power goes out when I'm away the siphon will be broken before heaps of water leaks...
  8. fyrefish

    Tank Update and hardscape suggestions

    Hey, I STILL haven't gotten my tank up and running yet. The canister filter keeps leaking. I've already tried lubricant, and spare tap o rings. I'm ordering a new set of taps and a pumphead o ring (don't believe it's the pumphead, but just in case. Also, good to have spares.) However, if that...
  9. fyrefish

    My apistogramma just laid eggs for the first time

    I just came home and fed my apistos, the female was hiding in a crevice so I checked and boom eggs. I believe they are not fertilized though (fertilized eggs are pinkish-brown right?), they are also first time parents (as far as I know). I doubt any fry will come from it, but I'm just surprised...
  10. fyrefish

    Do these rocks look safe?

    Sorry if I'm being paranoid, I've just never used found rocks in my aquariums before. I found these rocks at a nearby fast flowing creek, since they are smooth and flat I thought they would be nice for my new tank. They have all been extensively rinsed and scrubbed with a scrubbing brush, they...
  11. fyrefish

    Is play sand safe for apistos?

    Hey, I'm getting a new tank soon and have been looking around for products to scape it with. I was going to use natural sand, when I saw just how expensive 'aquarium sand' is. However, I have heard before that plain old play sand is perfectly fine for aquariums, you just have to rinse it well...
  12. fyrefish

    AQUA ONE HORIZON 65 - suitable for apistos?

    Hi everyone, I have been looking for a suitable tank to upgrade my apistos for a while now, but I am having a hard time finding suitable options. I was mainly looking at second hand tanks, but I cannot seem to find any decent ones that are still available. I have recently been looking at new...
  13. fyrefish

    Tips for Apisto planted tank

    Hi! Soon I hope to be getting a new tank for my apistos, hopefully a 20 gallon long. I am definitely going to make it planted, and was wondering about what substrate and plants to use. I was planning on fluval stratum, as this seems to be a go to for a lot of planted tanks. However, I am open to...
  14. fyrefish

    Help! A. Panduro Male being aggressive towards female

    I have a pair of two a. panduro, and in the last day the male has become very aggressive. He has had a really perky dorsal fin, bright colours, and is chasing the female constantly. When this first occurred, the female seemed to have brighter colours too, but now they have become dimmer. The...
  15. fyrefish

    How are my apistogramma panduro looking? 10 weeks from my LFS today!

    Don't mind the water quality, I took this photo just before a water change.
  16. fyrefish

    What dry food should I feed my Apistos?

    Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong place, this is my first post here. I have a pair (male and female) of apistogramma panduro and was wondering what the best type of dry food is to feed them. I know as with all fish, live or frozen food is far superior for long term fish health, but I don't...