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  1. Chandz

    Nannacara anomala

    Nannacara anomala are starting to colour up as you can see from the most dominant male
  2. Chandz

    Nanochromis transvestitus

    Please excuse the terrible video, but here's the most dominant female that's showing signs of sex in the group.
  3. Chandz

    Lamprologus Ocellatus gold

    Some photos of my Lamprologus ocellatus gold and offspring when I had them :)
  4. Chandz

    Female cacatuoides changed sex

    I have a female cacatuoides that changed sex and successfully spawned as both a female and male. Here's some of my photos and videos of the transition. (I wish I had documented it better, but it wasn't expected.) Female with fry in a breeding tank containing only her and the male. (She had...
  5. Chandz

    M. altispinosus pair

  6. Chandz

    A. sp. "Steel-blue"

  7. Chandz

    Beautiful A. agassizii pair

  8. Chandz

    A. agassizii part 2

  9. Chandz

    A. agassizii part 1

  10. Chandz

    A. cf. personata males

  11. Chandz

    Laetacara ID

    Hi, I need some help to please identify my Laetacara pair. I originally thought they were L. curviceps based off this info...