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  1. georgedv

    How Tall

    I am building a new rack about 5+ feet in length available. I plan to put tanks that I will build myself for the purpose of keeping/breeding apistos. These tanks will be 20" in depth and 20" in width. My question is what is the min height I need and what would be the ideal height. thanks george
  2. georgedv

    Tips for breeding various apistos

    For the last few years I have been getting a number of fish (apistos, tetras..etc) during the spring and summer with idea of breeding them. That is my entertainment and enjoyment (other than family) for the long winter months. This year I decided to try something a little more challenging...
  3. georgedv

    Apisto Questions

    I read in many places that Ap. Iniridae are tough to breed because of their water requirements......so.......In a 29g high I have 2 female and 2 male Ap. Iniridae that I got from Ted Judy last April. About 10-12 days ago one of the females showed up with about 20-30 free swimming fry. Four...
  4. georgedv

    Aliens Attack

    In my 20G long I noticed alien creatures attached to the glass. They look like "Y" with tentacles. The tank houses 4 gold rams. They seem healthy swimming/fighting/playing/flirting/eating as they always have. I thought it was hydra, but after researching and seeing pictures....I don't think...
  5. georgedv

    Help with EBR fry please

    Got some EBR last year and a pair formed. They laid eggs many times but none survive. Even when I remove and raise separately. I have done this plenty of times with GBRs with no problems. Some one suggested weak genes. So this year I placed the EBR pair in a 40 breeder with about 15 GBRs...
  6. georgedv

    Water Mystery

    I am not very good in chemistry....I even misspelled the word...lucky me we have auto correct. I have been collecting rain water to use with my dwarf tanks for about 6-8 months now. I use a liquid test kit by API. Rain water readings are: pH reads around 6.4, KH less then 50 ppm, but the gH...
  7. georgedv

    Rain Water

    I am setting up a few 29g tanks to house apistos and will be using rainwater from my new water barrel. I am wondering what to do regarding preparing the rainwater. Do you just cycle the tank normally or do you filter it through some special media. I saw a thread here awhile back and I got the...
  8. georgedv


    I would like to build lamp shades to direct more light into the tanks. I am using compact fluorescent day light lights hanging over the tanks. What kind of material is safe and workable (bendable) so as to shape the shade like a cone around the light. thanks george
  9. georgedv

    Raising ram fry *#@&%!!!!!!

    Why am I having such a hard time getting my gold rams and EBRs past the fifth day free swimming? I can raise regular rams with my eyes closed. Is there anything different? The pairs breed on a regular basis. I keep the fry in there until the third day they are free swimming and then remove...
  10. georgedv

    Problems w/Ap Baenschi

    I am now with two males and one female Ap baenschi. The females exterminated the first male. She behaved like she was ready to mate but he ignored her. He payed the price. Now I have the female in the 29gal with two males, about two weeks now. I have a basic color water test kit and the...
  11. georgedv

    Sick D. Filamentosus

    I have six D Filamentosus in a 20 long. One of them has started breathing heavily the last two days. He still swims about, but I am not sure if he is eating. The other five are doing well (so far). This has been their home for over six months ...no additions or changes to the tank. Two...
  12. georgedv

    Raising EBRs

    I am having problems raising EBRs. I was able to remove about a dozen fry from the batch and put them in a quart (I think this is the correct size) plastic tup-ware. I have used the same technique to raise GBRs, cacs, Pelv Moliwe and Nyete...etc. Once a day I make a water change using water...
  13. georgedv

    A. Baeschi

    I have three pairs of A Baenschi. One pair is in a well planted and with wood 29G High tank with two male platies. (I hope to find pecil fish soon). The other two pairs are in a 40G long with lots of wood lots of java moss and lots of floating plants. Both tanks have many coconut shells...
  14. georgedv

    Building a New Rack

    I want to build a new rack for the fish room. I have found this (http://www.fishforums.com/forum/diy-do-yourself/35090-diy-aquarium-stand-3.html ). On the bottom level I will place 55 gal tanks, thus the length between uprights will be 49". I will place supports in the middle. On the...
  15. georgedv

    Building Aquarium Stand

    I want to build three IDENTICAL stands that will sit side by side. Each stand will be three levels and 48-49" long (still calculating). The bottom level will protrude about 7" from the two top ones. This level will house three 55g tanks. The second level will house 4-5 29g high tanks. The...
  16. georgedv

    Looking for advice

    I just got six (of each)Agassizi dbl reds, Cacs triple reds and baenschi all from David Soares. (GREAT QUALITY AND SHIPPING CARE) Any ways, I placed each group in their own densely planted 29 gal tank with a few platies. There are two coconut shells one on each end and lots of wood covered...
  17. georgedv

    Fertilizer Spikes

    I was wondering if anyone uses fertilizer spikes for emerged plants in their planted tanks....the kind you can buy at a Lowes or HD? OR spikes used for ponds. If you have any knowledge or experience please share. Also, Dr Schulz ( I think this was the brand) had a "water plant soil" at one...
  18. georgedv

    Where are they Now

    I have been trying to get on the "theamazonbasement" site, but either explorer warns me about the site (when I use www.theamazonbasement) or Google can't find it. Can anyone shed some light. thanks George
  19. georgedv

    Looking for a camera

    There is a good chance my boss (wife) feels that it might be time to replace our 10 yr old kodak camera. So what we (I that is) need is one that can take good "family" type pictures (you know family stuff/events) But , if price difference is logical, I want to try to talk my boss (wife) into...
  20. georgedv

    online ordering of plants

    Has anyone ordered plants form online sources? If so from whom and what was your experience? I have been looking at Arizona Aquatic Gardens and Aquariumplants.com. I am ready to place an order, but I came across something that spooked me. thanks george