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  1. Mike Wise

    New Apistogramma Agassizii pair

    I think it best to remove the male and raise the fry separately. Male can be unpredictable about not eating unprotected fry. Good luck.
  2. Mike Wise

    sexing borellii or steel blue

    The vertical bars of too vertical (not bowed) for Wangenflecken, but it is a resticulosa-complex species.
  3. Mike Wise

    Minimum Tank Size for 1 Dwarfcichlid

    For a single Ram, probably your 4 gallon tank is ok. For an apisto it would depend on the species.
  4. Mike Wise

    New Apistogramma Agassizii pair

    Congradulations, Andy. As for the male, if he isn't bothering the female, I'd keep him in the tank. Trying to catch him might stress the female more than leaving him in. Stressed females often eat fry. As for fry food, the microworms would be better than frozen BBS. I find live BBS is best. The...
  5. Mike Wise

    So much to chose..

    A. elizabethae from the Rio Içana is not only very rarely collected/exported, but more colorful than the populations from the Rio Uaupés. A. meinkeni is a small pertensis-complex species that is interesting, but not especially eye-catching. If I were you I'd choose what you like.
  6. Mike Wise

    Cacatuoides or cf. cacatuoides?

    I wouldn't worry about it. Most color varieties of apistos are most likely crosses for various populations/forms/species anyway. Just don't sell them as a specific population if you want to be ethical. Right now I have a wild A. cacatuoides male that killed his female. He is unusual in that he...
  7. Mike Wise

    Cacatuoides or cf. cacatuoides?

    A. cacatuoides is a 'superspecies' like A. agassizii and A. bitaeniata. Each of these is composed of many closely related species. They are so closely related that different forms can easily interbreed. Since we don't know where the type specimen of A. cacatuoides is from (claimed to be from...
  8. Mike Wise

    Apistogramma id, pls...

    Me? Most likely they are A. meinkeni. I gave my reasons why they are this species previously. Why do you think they are A. sp. Tiquié? I'm always open to being wrong. Lord knows, my beautiful wife lets me know on a regular basis!:D
  9. Mike Wise

    Apistogramma id, pls...

    I agree. Then we could always 'euthanize' some specimens and to some meristic counts, including counting the number of infraorbital pores.;)
  10. Mike Wise

    Double red?

    They are what most call Red Agassizii. This is a commercial, descriptive, name only and can be used by a seller anyway they want. Add to that they look on the older side, but this shouldn't stop them from breeding. I've had 4½ year old aggies that reproduced for me.
  11. Mike Wise

    Apistogramma id, pls...

    Pretty sure it's A. meinkeni. Tiquié has a more subterminal mouth on a more rounded head profile. The flank spot on Bar 2 on Tiquié tends to be merged with the postorbital stripe and not separate in most moods, like on A. meinkeni. Male Tiquié also have a more squared-off terminal edge to the...
  12. Mike Wise

    Borellii or hongsloi female

    Looks like A. borellii to me, too.
  13. Mike Wise

    Apistogramma id, pls...

    Yes, it appears to be A. meinkeni. The 2 spots, lateral spot (Bar 3) and flank spot (Bar 2) are diagnostic for this species. Not only that, but it appears that you have both sexes.
  14. Mike Wise

    Apistogramma id, pls...

    It looks more like an A. agassizii female to me. As for A. meinkeni, the first thing is that many pertensis-complex species have been sold as 'A. meinkeni'. The true A. meinkeni can be sexed like many non-dimorphic apistos by the shape of the dorsal fin tip and fullness of the body, but these...
  15. Mike Wise

    Water Flow Issue?

    Your power filter puts more flow in the tank than any of my tanks have. If worried maybe add an airstone on the opposite side.
  16. Mike Wise

    Agassizii tefe or sp.tefe?

    I agree with Darrel: A. sp. Tefé.
  17. Mike Wise

    Combining fry

    Hard to say. Maybe you could add a few Anomalochromis fry and see what happens - and then tell all of us.
  18. Mike Wise

    Kribs sex ratio determination?

    I know of no scientific studies regarding environmental effects on sex determination of Kribs. There are anecdotal claims that sex is determined by pH, but it hasn't been proven by controlled experiments of which I am aware.
  19. Mike Wise

    How to start breeding in hard water?

    Another possibility is that apisto feel more comfortable when small fish are around. Smaller fish, particularly schooling species, alert the apistos when there are predators around - being the first to be eaten!
  20. Mike Wise

    Apisto Stock

    IMHO it isn't a good mix. A. cacatuoides are more aggressive than A. borellii and will out-compete them for breeding territories. If it were me, I would choose only one of the species. The numbers depend on the species you decide to breed and how complex the tank is decorated.