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    Sorting of young group

    Hi all I have about 65 young from aggazzi FR that are about 3-4 cm. I am wanting to move them on soon and sell them sexed if possible. I can see some of the males as they are getting the white in the dorsal and a little pointed. Should I seperate the known males to another tank or divide the...
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    Is this solid enough for 1600kg (3500lbs)?

    Hi, I would have at least 2 more legs preferably 4 then the threaded feet will take less weight each. Much like the aluminium frame stands that you get. I would not have an underlay that hangs over the edge but have the whole frame cover the whole base of the tank. Have you had a look at DIY...
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    D-I-Y Jar Filter

    I have done a few myself, biomedia in the bottom, filter mat at the top for grazing. Have mostly hamburg now.
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    Forum Rules

    Sure thing
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    Europe Anyone import Apistos in N. Europe

    Hi Im looking for some apistos and wonder who imports them?