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  1. Richgrenfell

    Buying A. mendezi

    Anyone working with mendezi?
  2. Richgrenfell

    Mergus Cichlid Atlas 1 By Uwe Romer

    Here is an item that doesn't come up for sale often! Have a look! http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?books&1412748865
  3. Richgrenfell

    Apistogramma mendezi F1- unsexed

    Parent pair went to their new home. I have a small group up on aquabid.... http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?fwapisto&1412799056
  4. Richgrenfell

    Apistogramma Panduro

    Found these at my LFS.............
  5. Richgrenfell

    N. America WILD BREEDING PAIR of Apistogramma mendezi

    http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?fwapisto&1412074202 Excellent pair. Acclimated to captivity and breeding well. Have a look!
  6. Richgrenfell

    Apistogramma mendezi "Santa isabella"

    Got a pair of these in today. Just the one shot of the male for now, I want to let them settle before I become intrusive.
  7. Richgrenfell

    Apistogramma something or the other..........

    Macmasteri family I think? Whatever they are, they should be spawning soon! I need to get some more female ones though. This one is the best I have right now.
  8. Richgrenfell

    Paratilapia polleni

    Just sharing a little bit of what I am up to these days. I have a growing interest in the fishes of Madagascar lately.
  9. Richgrenfell

    Apistogramma mendezi

    At last!!
  10. Richgrenfell

    Baby Geophagus abalios

    about 1.5 inches. 40 available, $7.50 each, 12 for $60. Pickup only in North Haven, CT. Pic is of a single fish from the actual group.
  11. Richgrenfell

    Name that mouthbrooder!

    Was very pleased to have these guys start breeding! Not the best pics, but great fish none the less!
  12. Richgrenfell

    ISO Wild nijsseni

    Looking for wild fish. Anyone know of anyone still importing them?
  13. Richgrenfell

    Apistogramma breitbinden- Breeding pair. PU only in North Haven, CT

    Aquired these from Chris M a while back. Good parents. Not interested in shippping them. However, if you can make it hassle free by having a fedex or ups account that I can use to send them to you. PM me. Pic is of the actual male. $45. Pick up in North Haven, CT.
  14. Richgrenfell

    Making room for discus......

    Have some stuff that needs to go folks..... Angelfish: 30 to 40 fish: a mix of blacks, marbles, silvers, and a few albinos: quarter to dollar in size $3 each; $2 each in quantities of 10 or more Breeding pair of marble angels: $25 Apisto Melgar breeding trio $25 Apisto njisseni...
  15. Richgrenfell

    Sad, sad, sad..........

    Well this really sucks, my wife's hours at work were cut in half. Not only is it lots less money, but this makes her no longer eligible for insurance which means that I will have to put her on mine and incur the cost. This all indicates a bit of cost cutting around here, and being that my...
  16. Richgrenfell

    40 breeder ans some other stuff

    Just the tank, put into service 10/2010; and drained this evening. In excellent shape! $45 4 blackworm keepers all 4 for $15 plus shipping if you need it Penguin 150 new in the box $15 plus shipping if you need it I just installed a central air system so I have TONS of small air...
  17. Richgrenfell

    Angelfish Pair

    Black Lace with streaked. Bought from Steve over at Angels plus. Big, frequent spawns! Throwing Black Lace, Silvers, and Double darks. Asking $100 available for pick up in North Haven, CT. If I have trouble getting them picked up i'll entertain shipping. But for now they are available for...
  18. Richgrenfell

    FREE!! Rack and Tanks in Derby, CT.

    I have some friends that are getting out of the hobby and they asked me to list this for them. The rack is 30 inches front to back, 73 inches top to bottom, and 10 foot two inches long. The top shelf has 7 20 longs, and 1 10. The middle shelf has 2 65 breeders, and the bottom has 1 55 and 2...
  19. Richgrenfell

    A. melgar

    Breeding trio for sale. The male has spawned with both females resulting in viable fry. $40. Not shipping right now, they are available for pickup in North Haven, CT