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    Sexing my bolivian rams

    These are my two rams. I have read a ton about sexing them and still am not sure. So I'm going to guess the one with the plant in front of him is male and the stubbier one is female. Or both female?
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    Internal parasites?

    I'm seeing white poo hanging from my fish so I added metroplex into the tank about two days . (It's older so it may be expired. Can't read the expiration date) i just wanted to make sure that I correctly diagnosed this before I go through the full treatment Hisstomach seems sunk in as if I'm...
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    Disease or abrasion

    Does this look like the beginning of a disease or an abrasion on my crenicichla compressiceps. I'm not sure if he's breathing heavy or not. I think he is but it could also be me just being a hypochondriac.
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    Borellii or blue steel?

    I picked up a couple of fish marked as borellii the other day. now I'm sitting here at work reading about and seeing pics of blue steels sold as borellii and I'm getting nervous I should be home from work tomorrow afternoon and take some pics but I was wondering at what size should I be able to...
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    Cacatuoides or agassizi?

    hey guys. I just bought these four that were sold as "apisto. Double red" but didn't explain which species. Seeing as I'd be happy with either or I didn't push the issue and scooped up four in hopes of at least one pair. I'm sure they're too young to sex but I was curious which species you'd say...
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    New to apistos

    Hi everyone I have been cycling my 50 gal tank (36x18) and would like to do a dwarf cichlid/community tank. I would really like to have at least two different breeding harems/pairs (dependent on the species obviously) of dwarf cichlids along with a school of zebra danios and perhaps kuhli...