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    Blackwater breeding tank

    No worries. I think that makes it clear that I’m unlikely to extract anything from your bag of blackwater breeding tricks. Apologies if I’ve offended, I should be less sharp and more supportive of folks that are taking up Apistogramma. This is a wonderful forum, with many very experienced...
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    Blackwater breeding tank

    So you have bred/raised fry under these conditions? Which species? Sorry for all the questions. With the internet being the internet, it’s difficult to determine if you’re getting first hand experience from someone who’s very experienced, or if your getting what someone thinks is good advice...
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    Blackwater breeding tank

    Interesting. I’ve always figured pH trumps TDS. What species of blackwater fish are you breeding? Do you notice any development issues with the fry and their fins?
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    Blackwater breeding tank

    Bummer….I really thought I would be able to keep sandbar Apistogramma, in a sandbar-ish biotope. Suppose I still have a good bit of time before fish may arrive, so there’s still time. A. psammophila are surprisingly tough to come by. Macz- I’m not terribly concerned about meeting the specific...
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    Blackwater breeding tank

    I suppose that is kind of the goal in trying to replicate a sandbar with scarce cover. Few sticks, few leaves, and a few caves buried in the sand.
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    Blackwater breeding tank

    There is a species I’m aiming for. Have to wait another week to see if it actually is coming. Fingers crossed. Have a reasonable plan B if that doesn’t work out. Probably can’t dial down the tds. In your experience, is a 100ppm tds problematic in terms of reproduction?
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    Blackwater breeding tank

    Got a new 1m, 100L tank setup and almost ready for fish. pH 5.5, 100ppm tds. Time to make some blackwater Apistogramma babies!
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    Apistogramma Borellii Breeding Ph

    Will they breed in your tap water….probably. Will the eggs survive the pleco/pleco pressure….maybe. Will the fry survive the danios….probably not If the goal is to breed them, I’d probably plan on using the QT tank as the breeder, and rotate the odd woman out to the community tank.
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    TDS meter recommendations?

    Take your pick of the $12-15 options on Amazon. Most I’ve used have been reasonable accurate, and priced where the accidental swim in the aging/mixing tank doesn’t make you cry.
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    Absolute beginner to black water tanks

    My unit flushes for 2 minutes upon startup, and an additional 2 minutes for every hour of run time. Last membrane lasted 3 years before any noticeable slowdown of product water. Seems like a pretty good run for a membrane running 1:1
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    Starting fishkeeping again and choosing the species - A. diplotaenia or?

    diplotaenia is the only Apistogramma that’s kept me excited past the initial spawning. Fantastic fish! +1 for Mr Wise, 1m and a f or two for the win. This stocking should be good for a few months given proper water (at this point, the density of fish will result in some banged up fry). As...
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    Should i be feeding my A. Pucallpaensis frys ?

    Unless the tank is very large, I’d be feeding them bbs. When I spawned this fish, I found them to be large enough to consume bbs on the second day free swimming.
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    Maintaining a low pH in blackwater aquariums

    +1 for hcl/muriatic. The precision coupled with the ability to easily manipulate water for “seasonal” changes makes it a winner in my book
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    Reducing RO waste

    Psi will help produce more GPD ( I run my membrane at 200psi, and the gpd output is 3x the listed output), but the waste water ratio should remain somewhat static. If you’ve got fairly soft water to begin with, tightening up the restrictor on the waste water line will improve the ratio of...
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    Hybrid sp. Abacaxis?

    I got a couple pairs of WC Sp. Abacaxis last year. Have fry from both pairs now. Spawns have generally been large, and easy to grow out....but....see picture.
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    I have eggs! a. cacatuoides, first spawn

    Start with water, add salt, add brine shrimp cysts, and use air (through an airline) to keep the water moving. Harvest live baby brine shrimp 18-30 hours later (temperature dependant). I made it a few years hatching them in a spaghetti sauce jar before I graduated to the 2L bottle.
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    Can you help me sex these two?

    Look like girls to me.
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    Apistos Cross Breeding?

    I believe that to be correct, cacatuoides and macmasteri will not hybridize. Would they tolerate each other....maybe.
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    Apistos Cross Breeding?

    The "List" is here http://www.tomc.no/page.aspx?pageid=127