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  1. Bart Hazes

    Gymnogeophagus caaguazuensis

    Two weeks ago I got a pair of Gymnogeophagus caaguazuensis one of the smaller members of the genus with males maxing out at 4" SL. They spawned two days ago and I wrote a blog with images about the experience. I hope the eggs will hatch later today or tomorrow. The blog is at...
  2. Bart Hazes

    Apistogramma cf. agassizii A239 'Pastel' ???

    I found a pair of A. agassizii with fry this morning and thought it was time to figure out which colour form this was. I had looked in the past but didn't find a good match. Today I think I found a potential match with specimens shown by Tom Christoffersen from a collecting trip on Río...
  3. Bart Hazes

    Apisto spawn hattrick

    In the past 24 hours I discovered three pairs of apistogramma with new spawns. I'm cheating a little as the A. allpahuayo spawn is probably already a few days old and have been feeding from leaf litter and detritus. I've written facebook posts on each that I think people on this forum will find...
  4. Bart Hazes

    Apistogramma keeping & breeding

    Hi all, I just completed a blog on my experiences with keeping and breeding A. norberti. It includes images of the mating process. http://biodives.com/blog/?p=221 Cheers, Bart
  5. Bart Hazes

    Ivanacara adoketa

    There are some iconic dwarf cichlids that look both cool and scary when you read about them but normally it doesn't matter because you are hard-pressed to find any in stores, at least not in Canada. So when I heard that Curtis Jerrom in Calgary brought in a small group of Ivanacara adoketa I had...
  6. Bart Hazes

    Valid apisto species list

    A recent discussion on this forum about finding info on known apisto species has stimulated me to create a list (based on Catalog of Fishes - considered the most reliable source among some professional marine ichthyologists I've worked with). Currently it only contains scientifically described...
  7. Bart Hazes

    Low-flow and no-flow Apistogramma biotope tanks

    My interest in Apistogramma, and other fish for that matter, is linked to learning about and trying to recreate the biotopes they live in. Many apistos come from slow flowing small streams, shallow lake margins, and completely stagnant ponds or puddles. I have therefore been running many tanks...
  8. Bart Hazes

    Apistogramma phylogeny - Tougard et al.

    On September 5 the molecular phylogeny for a subset of species from the Apistogramma genus was published. This interests a lot of us geeks but the paper is very technical. I just posted a blog with my take on the paper, focusing on the interspecies evolutionary relationships. In addition to an...
  9. Bart Hazes

    Apisto orgies

    In the past month I have had at least 8 spawnings and often they came in pairs, either simultaneously or within a few days. Two A. ortegai in one tank, two A. rubrolineata in another and two Dicrossus filamentosus spawnings in a third. Today I had an A. macmasteri pair spawning but then noticed...
  10. Bart Hazes

    Spawning A. norberti & fry

    Ten days ago my A. norberti kept me up all evening pretending to spawn. That is, the female was pulling out every trick in the book to get the male interested to spawn but whenever she dove in the coconut cave the male would just leave. Next morning the female was still at it and the male still...
  11. Bart Hazes

    One more from Canada

    I had given up on this site as I could never post but glad that has finally changed. I kept aquaria from mid 70s to mid 90s in the Netherlands and then stopped when moving to Canada. I got back into the hobby last July with a focus on South American dwarf cichlids, especially apistos. I went...